Wife – Dream Interpretation

In the best case scenario, the wife is one of the greatest and most trusted reference figures in a man’s life. He spends a large part of his time with her and shares with her the banalities of everyday life, problems and feelings.

Now why did you see the dream symbol “wife”? Reconsider your dream and pay attention to all the details. Also ask yourself how you feel about it.

Dream symbol “wife” – the general interpretation

Since the wife is an important part of the dreamer’s life, the dream symbol “wife” often has no special meaning. The dreamer processes very mundane experiences in his dream, which also include his wife. However, if the dreamer experiences strange situations with his wife in the dream, further interpretation is required. Because the wife in the dream does not necessarily have to represent the real person. Rather, the person can also be linked to other things in the dreamer’s life.

The general dream interpretation then interprets the dream symbol “wife” as a sign for Wishes and expectations of the dreamer. He has a strong longing for something in the waking world and associates it with the image of his wife in his dream. In addition, the sight of your own wife as a dream symbol can indicate quarrels in the family, especially if she behaves like a xanthippe.

However, if the wife behaves exceptionally friendly in the dream, this can affect the dreamer in the waking world profitable business relationships interpret. If the dreamer beats his wife in the dream, the dream symbol makes it clear to him that he must be prepared for harsh criticism and a general uproar in the waking world. In general dream interpretation, the sight of one’s pregnant wife in a dream is interpreted as a sign of good luck and brings wealth and success to the dreamer in the waking world.

If you see a widower in a dream, or if you yourself become a person who mourns for your partner, this indicates your past. Is there a previous matter that you should finally close? If the wife behaves like a fury in the dream, this can indicate underlying aggression in the partnership.

If you see yourself in a dream as a wife in a harem, this can indicate arguments and trouble in the partnership.

Dream symbol “wife” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “wife” as a symbol for the Partners’ feelings for each other in real marriage or as the awareness of expectations that the husband has of his wife.

In addition, the dream symbol “wife” can symbolize both positive and negative everyday events, such as professional stress or the like. In such a context, the dream symbol represents according to the psychological interpretation of dreams the own self of the dreamer. The dreamer transfers his emotional world in the waking world to his wife in the dream. The dreamer and his wife in the dream are therefore one and the same person.

Sometimes the wife can also appear as a dream symbol sexual desires of the dreamer, which he can only fulfill in the dream world because of moral concerns. If you behave like a pasha in a dream and let your wife serve you, this can indicate that you are suppressing your creative personality parts.

Dream symbol “wife” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “wife” can be seen as the Yin aspect of self interpret.

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