Dinner – dream interpretation

For many people, dinner is a meal that is eaten together with the whole family. Often it is not just food intake that plays a role, but also sitting together. Experiences and thoughts that played a role throughout the day and keep family members busy are exchanged. Dinner often means a warm or at least prepared dish; Dinner, on the other hand, consists of a sandwiched slice of bread and is therefore simpler.

Dinner can also appear as a dream symbol, because some people also dream of eating this meal together and sitting together with the family. When interpreting these dreams, it is particularly important to take the emotional state of the dream into account. Was the atmosphere convivial, or were there arguments or arguments?

Dream symbol “dinner” – the general interpretation

In most cases, the dream symbol “dinner” promises something positive: it announces Success and Luck at. This can apply to different areas of life. It is possible that the dreamer will achieve financial gain through a lottery win, an inheritance or a gift.

At the same time, a dinner in a dream can indicate professional success and new strength for the person concerned. He will be able to achieve a lot in the near future and satisfy himself and others in this way.

If the focus in the dream is less on the food itself than on the sociability, the people with whom the dreamer sits at the dinner table, this is also an indication of something new Sense of community. A new harmony is emerging in one’s own social environment.

According to the general dream interpretation, the opposite applies if a negative mood prevails in the dream during dinner, there is an argument or cool silence, and the person concerned does not feel any appetite. This could be an indication that the dreamer feels overwhelmed by his social role in real life. His family and friends may expect too much from him and he feels tired of always having to “function” and live up to his position in the social environment. He longs for more freedom and peace.

Dream symbol “dinner” – the psychological interpretation

On a psychological level, dreams about dinner are often an expression of aspiration Togetherness or your own family. The dreamer longs for the security of being able to come home in the evening and be welcomed there by the security of a family or at least a partner. Maybe he wants a new relationship or would like to start a family. This is especially true if the dream symbol “dinner” repeats itself very often.

Even according to this interpretation approach, the opposite applies if the mood at the table is perceived as rather unpleasant: the dreamer has subconsciously perceived that he more freedom needs for yourself and feels restricted.

Dream symbol “dinner” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual interpretation, dreams about dinner are a sign of the twilight years. The affected person symbolically eats his last meal, which will be followed by nothing or not much.

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