Aggression – dream interpretation

When interpreting strong feelings, it is very important in dream interpretation not only to look at the dream symbol itself, but also the dream context plays a crucial role. After the aggression has been recognized in the dream, one should first research connections to the waking world:

Aggression - dream interpretation

Was there perhaps a specific reason for aggressive feelings here? Were these held back or acted out in a fight, for example?

Could the people you were aggressive towards in your dream be recognized? Maybe it wasn’t people who appeared aggressive in the dream world, but an animal. If you dream of being attacked by a lion, tiger or bear, you should look for this type of animal in our dream dictionary.

Take your time and reconsider your dream. Pay attention to all the details and include them in the dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “aggression” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “aggression” primarily as an expression for feelings, such as anger or rage, which are consciously aimed at hurting other people. It may be that the dreamer relives a situation that they have already experienced in the dream in order to then end the matter.

The dream symbol “aggression” can also indicate that the dreamer is not able to express his violent feelings in the waking world. In dreams, however, he succeeds well, for example by lashing out hysterically.

Aggression in dreams can also be a symbol of internal conflicts be. These deeply worry the dreamer. But he finds no opportunity to face these conflicts in the waking world. Only in his dream world does he see the possibility of dealing with these. The dream symbol is therefore also asking the dreamer to process his feelings in real life. However, he may only be able to do this with outside help.

Dream symbol “aggression” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychological dream interpretation, emotions such as aggressiveness in dreams very often indicate that something is wrong with your own emotional state. Because in dreams the conscious mind rests and the messages from the subconscious make their way.

For this reason, from a psychological point of view, aggression in dreams is understood as an indication of the unconscious. In his opinion, in the waking world the dreamer has his feelings under control. He can hide his aggression or control it specifically. In dreams, this control is missing and all aggressive feelings that have been suppressed or repressed come to light.

The other person to whom the aggressive emotions are expressed in the dream is also interesting for the psychological interpretation of dreams. This only rarely refers to a real person. Rather, this person embodies certain things Character traits. For example, an authority figure can symbolize a conflict between good and evil. The heated argument with your life partner, on the other hand, can be interpreted as an inner disharmony between reason and instinct.

Dream symbol “aggression” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “aggression” embodies the suffering of the dreamer because of the disapproval a higher power.

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