Oak leaves – dream interpretation

The term oak leaves not only refers to the foliage of the oak tree, which is often used as decoration, but it also refers to a military symbol or a figure in heraldry. The leaves can appear either separated or arranged on a branch.

Already in ancient times, oak leaves were used as a sign of independent power and loyalty, for example this symbol appears on certain ancient Greek coins. Since the 19th century, oak leaves have also been found in German symbolic language, in a similar use to the laurel wreath. That is why this image often appears on orders or medals.

In addition, the symbol of oak leaves in the form of a wreath is used on various Bundeswehr badges, such as a major or a colonel. The shoulder boards of staff officers show silver oak leaf wreaths and those of generals have gold ones.

But why do oak leaves appear in a dream? What can it mean here?

Dream symbol “oak leaves” – the general interpretation

According to general dream analysis, the dream symbol “oak leaves” primarily symbolizes recognition and reward. The dreamer’s achievements will be recognized in the waking world and, if necessary, rewarded. He may be in line for a promotion or a raise at work.

If you receive an oak leaf wreath in a dream after a victory or success, the future will change positive develop. The sleeper’s wishes will come true and he will be satisfied with his life situation. A soldier with an oak leaf badge on his uniform in a dream can indicate the discipline that will be necessary for success in life.

If you decorate your room or house with oak leaves or acorns in your dream, you will become financially in spite of the recognition of your achievements losses suffer. Even if you decorate your apartment with branches and leaves from an oak tree, you will have to expect setbacks in the waking world.

Dream symbol “oak leaves” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, when interpreting the dream symbol “oak leaves”, the focus is primarily on its previous use as a victory wreath. That is why such dream content is seen as a symbol of an imminent dream Award understood. The dreamer will receive a great honor in the near future.

For psychological dream analysis, it is also important where the oak leaves were seen in the dream. Was it perhaps depicted on a coin or on a medal? A buckle with an oak leaf image would also be conceivable.

If the green leaves of an oak tree are seen in a dream, this can refer to the inner world State of harmony of the dreaming. On the other hand, if the oak leaves withered or fell off in the dream, his hopes will not be fulfilled in waking life.

Dream symbol “oak leaves” – the spiritual interpretation

Within the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the symbol “oak leaves” is used as an expression for one Award what will await the dreamer on his spiritual path.

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