Trap – dream interpretation

For many people, the word “trap” has a negative connotation. “Fall into someone’s trap”, “set up a trap” or “to dig a pitfall” – all of these expressions are usually filled with thoughts of treachery or intrigue. In fact, a trap is designed to capture someone or something and deprive them of their freedom. The trap, which is now banned, was once used to catch bears, foxes or wolves. The most famous animal trap is probably the mousetrap. A booby trap is used to wound or kill soldiers and civilians in war: it explodes automatically when it comes into contact with a seemingly harmless object.

So what does a dream about a trap want to tell you? How can it be interpreted? To interpret your dream, take a close look at the details of your dream and include them in the interpretation.

Dream symbol “trap” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “trap” is as one Warning dream to understand the dreamer, which must definitely be taken into account. The dreamer is in danger and has to find out about this in waking life because of his dream. If the dreamer sees the dream symbol “trap” from close up or from a distance, this is an indication to him that he is safe, but Caution should be exercised. A person who has a negative attitude towards him wants to set a trap for him in the waking world; the dreamer can notice it in time and prevent the intrigue.

If the dreamer becomes active and sets a trap in the dream, then, according to the general interpretation of dreams, he will be in waking life Guile to push through his plans. Observing in the dream how someone sets a trap is to be understood as a warning to the dreamer about possible upcoming persecutions.

If the dreamer falls into a trap in the dream, he will turn into someone in the near future fall in lovewho doesn’t deserve his love. In this context, the dream symbol also shows that the dreamer outwitted if he does not exercise enough caution. If the dreamer catches someone else in a trap while sleeping, then the general dream interpretation tells him that something the dreamer has been expecting for a long time will soon happen.

Catching game in a trap in a dream can be seen as Success be interpreted in the profession. The sight of an empty game trap while sleeping is a sign to the dreamer that a misfortune will happen in the near future. According to general dream interpretation, an old or broken trap in a dream represents possible failures in business.

A rat trap as a dream symbol often refers to the dreamer’s determination. If you try to catch a bird in a trap while you sleep, you should usually stick to your wishes resolutely.

Dream symbol “trap” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees the dream symbol “trap” as an indication of Danger, subordination and various dependencies. If the dreamer falls into a trap while sleeping, then, according to psychological dream interpretation, the fault lies not only with the trapper, but also partly with the dreamer himself. The dream symbol can be seen here as a warning about his behavior recently. The dreamer was too gullible or careless.

The dream symbol “trap” also shows the dreamer that he is being deceived by external appearances and by false ones expectations or ideals, which can harm him.

If the dreamer falls into a trap while sleeping, in psychological dream interpretation this represents the feeling of being cornered. Being caught in a trap in a dream expresses that the dreamer alone cannot overcome old behavioral and behavioral patterns ways of thinking to leave behind. To do this, he needs the help of those around him in the waking world.

If the dreamer consciously holds another person or animal captive while sleeping, this is a sign that he desperately wants to hold onto and protect something in his waking life.

A butterfly caught in a trap can be considered in the psychological interpretation of dreams incarceration of one’s own self can be interpreted.

Dream symbol “trap” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “trap” is a sign of spiritual humility. The dreamer may also be expressing the feeling of being trapped in his body.

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