locked up – dream interpretation

None of us want to be locked up. You feel at your mercy, helpless and have lost control. Locked in a dark dungeon with no possibility of escape, in a hole with no way out or in a trunk in the hands of a kidnapper – a terrible idea.

But it’s not just being physically locked up or imprisoned that makes us feel this way. Sometimes we also feel trapped on a spiritual level. We are dependent on our obligations and cannot decide completely freely.

If you’re trying to escape from a building in your dream, can’t find a back exit and react in panic, you’ll probably wake up bathed in sweat. Sitting in a prison cell and the feeling of being locked up here is also a frightening experience for many dreamers.

Let’s take a look at what this feeling of confinement and inability to act can mean in dream analysis:

Dream symbol “locked up” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “locked up” primarily wants to make it clear to the dreamer that he is in the waking world tightness feels driven. However, this is less due to external actions. Rather, the dreamer puts himself under pressure and has created the conditions for being locked up through his fear and ignorance.

However, being locked up in a dream often symbolizes the opposite, i.e. the dreamer’s desire Freedom. However, external influences in the waking world may not make this wish come true. The dreamer therefore feels psychologically imprisoned. There may also be a heavy responsibility on his shoulders that he cannot easily leave behind, or in some cases his relationship may be too restrictive. In order to find out the exact cause, the dreamer should take a close look at himself and his surroundings in the waking world.

If the dreamer observes how he is locked up by another person in the dream, this is a sign of freedom and Perks in the waking world. If this person is known to him, then this person in particular will help him in waking life. Sometimes the dream symbol “locked up” also announces upcoming events, according to general dream interpretation Bad luck in matters of love or in a relationship.

Being locked in a harem while sleeping can indicate that you are trying to hold back a truth. But you won’t be able to do this in the long run. Being locked in a barracks can often result in a feeling of confinement or… restriction Clues.

Dream symbol “locked up” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically speaking, the dream symbol can be “locked up” as that Be aware are interpreted by old biases and beliefs. The dream symbol also forces the dreamer to pause. This means he can no longer run away from a task that is long overdue.

The psychological interpretation of dreams also explains being locked up as a dream symbol in the sense that the dreamer psychologically restricted feels. He cannot develop freely and is not really in control of his decisions. However, this can also be attributed to a possible misconception of the reality of life. The unconscious now warns the dreamer to do more with the dream symbol “locked up”. realism in the waking world.

Dream symbol “locked up” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual level of dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “locked up” as an indication to the dreamer that he is too busy with himself. He should change himself Impressions Don’t close yourself off, but meet them joyfully and without fear. If necessary, he should do this with professional help.

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