Skin – dream interpretation

The skin is the largest human organ. It is our protective shell and our connection to the outside world at the same time, similar to the bark of a tree. However, it looks different for every person. Whether pale, tanned, dark-skinned, freckled, with a birthmark or without – our skin makes us all individual in a very specific way.

Illnesses and psychological disorders can often be seen on the skin long before we really notice them. She gets pimples and blackheads, maybe even chronic acne, cellulite, athlete’s foot or she gets flaky, reacts allergically and irritably to the environment, feels tense, itches or oozes. If there are skin imperfections, women can cover them up a little with make-up, but with fungi and allergies, medication is often the only solution. Anyone who has fair skin and stays unprotected in the sun for too long will get sunburned and the top layer of destroyed skin will peel off after a few days.

Our skin is very sensitive and yet can withstand so much. We refer to them in proverbs: We find something to “freak out” and think that it makes us angry, and we say: “He can’t get out of his skin”if someone does not deviate from their stance. “Lay down on lazy skin” On the other hand, it means that it is better to do nothing, even though action is necessary.

What does it mean when the skin is the focus of our dream?

Dream symbol “skin” – the general interpretation

The skin symbolizes the nervous condition and the dreamer’s connection to the outside world. So their condition in the dream says a lot about the dreamer. If it is smooth, clean, without pimples or blackheads, and the dreamer feels “comfortable in his skin”, then everything is in order mentally. Luck and Love are important keywords here.

Sometimes this dream symbol also represents the longing for a more carefree life, but this has not yet happened. If the skin is very delicate, it shows sensitivity very well-groomed or made-up skin indicates vanity and superficiality. A red color of the skin in a dream indicates falling in love.

If, on the other hand, the skin is cracked, unclean, flaky or greasy, then the dreamer is in it imbalance. He should check his attitude for pessimism and protect himself from stress. A dreamed skin rash is also a warning sign that the dreamer is under psychological pressure, he wants to avoid rough contact and hide from his environment. Removing calluses with a rasp can often bring about early recognition of one’s own work.

Burnt skin indicates fears to being threatened or harmed by other people. Yellow skin also represents fears, a lack of self-reflection and bad influences. If your skin is painted with henna in a dream, this can often illustrate that you are longing for more attention.

Anyone who gently touches someone else’s skin or their own skin in a dream or sees hands that caress them tenderly may want something more gentle Art of persuasion achieve or suspect that someone wants to seduce him into something. Touching someone else’s skin suggests that the dreamer is trying to achieve something in vain.

Tanning a skin indicates one Illness Pulling it off a person or animal, such as a llama, is an indication that the dreamer will have a bad time with friends and will be left without protection in an unpleasant situation. Parchment made of animal skin indicates an imminent surprise that will bring pleasant things with it.

Skinning yourself or seeing a snake skin, for example, is a sign of New beginning. The old is stripped away. If you feel a worm under your skin or a maggot in a dream, you are dealing with people around you who want to harm you. If you are good-natured, you might be taken advantage of. If you remove it with tweezers, you want to free yourself from this bad influence.

Dream symbol “skin” – the psychological interpretation

The skin is the covering of the body and the self both in the waking state and in the dream. She provides the Connection to the outside world If it is attacked or sick, this connection is disrupted. The dreamer should ask himself what is affecting him. Maybe he is afraid of certain people or situations. Or he actually doesn’t feel safe with his actions, but is not aware of this contradiction. The dream indicates to him that he does not feel comfortable in his own skin.

If the inflamed skin is soothed in a dream with a chamomile compress or marigold ointment, this can refer to the dreamer’s longing to live together in harmony with other people.

Anyone who skins their skin in a dream longs for a new beginning and to leave behind something old that no longer fits and is restrictive. Without the old skin you are initially vulnerable and need protection, but in the long term shedding is necessary and contributes liberation at.

Dream symbol “skin” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, the skin in the dream represents a sign of the connection to the supernatural and the mirror of the soulwhich shows emotional sincerity and clarity of mind as well as bad influences and a clouded consciousness.

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