Oak – dream interpretation

The oak tree is native to almost the entire world. In Germany it is the most common genus of deciduous trees. Their wood is highly valued as a good fuel and building material. The fruits of the oak tree, the acorns, are rich sources of carbohydrates and protein, which used to make them ideal food for pigs and were also an important source of food for humans in times of need. The fresh oak bark was and is used as a natural remedy due to its high tannin content.

Like other trees, the oak has great symbolic power. The Germanic peoples and Celts considered it a sacred tree, a connection to the gods. The Romans dedicated the oak to their god Jupiter, while the Greeks dedicated it to Zeus. In Christianity, the oak was considered the tree of life; after all, it has a lifespan of around 30 human generations. For a long time, court was held under oak trees, and the tree and its leaves are a popular heraldic motif as a sign of strength and endurance. For example, the shoulder boards of officers and generals of the Bundeswehr are decorated with oak leaf wreaths.

Anyone who dreams of an oak tree is consciously or unconsciously concerned with the topic of strength. Either the dreamer himself has both feet firmly on the ground or he longs for the protection of a person who has this quality.

The details in the dream are important for dream interpretation: Does the tree bear leaves or fruit, or is it completely bare, possibly withered? Is the oak standing alone or are you in a forest in your dream?

Dream symbol “oak” – the general interpretation

With its extremely hard wood and powerful growth, the oak is a dream symbol for males Kraft and Strength, in a broader sense also for endurance and honor. Anyone who sees an oak tree in a dream longs for a strong and healthy nature – their own or that of another person. In dream interpretation, the oak tree is a symbol of the unshakable foundation on which the dreamer’s life rests in whole or in part.

If the dream symbol “oak” is a stately tree with a dense green crown and many branches, the dream image promises Health, happiness and a long, successful life. If you see an entire oak forest in lush green in your dream, you can prosperity and hope for professional success.

In contrast, a bare oak tree can be seen in dream interpretation as a warning of the failure of personal plans and of approaching difficulties. A withered, splintered oak announces great distress which the dreamer can overcome with his courage.

The sight of a felled oak tree in a dream indicates separation from someone close to you, possibly illness or death. If the oak tree is full of fruit, the dream symbol is a sign of growth and promotion.

External circumstances are also important in dream interpretation: sitting under an oak tree symbolizes the feeling of Schutz and security; If a thunderstorm rages in the dream, it means that something is about to happen Danger that needs to be avoided.

Dream symbol “oak” – the psychological interpretation

As a dream symbol, the oak tree stands for in dream interpretation positive personality traits such as strength and robust health, which are prerequisites for success, power and influence. The dreamer is socially recognized and feels firmly rooted in his existence.

On the other hand, the dream of an oak tree can also refer to you Lack indicate such characteristics and express the need for help and security. The strenght male energy The dream symbol “oak” can under certain circumstances also be perceived as overemphasized and oppressive.

If the dream symbol “oak” appears in connection with your own family, which offers protection and security, it can be understood as an invitation to look after your own unconscious strengths to fall back on, the basis of which one received in one’s childhood and youth. Perhaps the dreamer should seek advice from parents or other family members every now and then.

Some psychoanalysts see the oak in women’s dreams as a symbol of missingness sexual satisfaction.

Dream symbol “oak” – the spiritual interpretation

As a dream symbol in dream interpretation, the oak tree is a symbol of Hope and the immortality: It arises from a small fruit, the acorn, and grows into a mighty tree with a long lifespan. The dreamer receives spiritual power to achieve further levels of wisdom and Understanding to get.

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