Opponent – dream interpretation

Opponents can be found on very different levels both in reality and in the dream world. For example, you can use it to describe your counterpart in a game of chess or billiards, or the opposing team in football. A wrestling match is also where two opponents meet. Even in novels there is usually a counterpart to the hero. Think of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, for example.

Some people also have colleagues who are not well disposed towards them and who they consider to be their enemies. Even in love affairs, there are always rivals or rivals. If you have a lot of opponents, you can quickly get the feeling that everyone is against you.

Since opponents can appear in very different situations, the context should also be carefully considered when interpreting this dream symbol. From this you can gain further helpful information about the message of the dream.

Dream symbol “opponent” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “enemy” primarily positively. Because such a dream can mean new acquaintances respectively Friendships to announce. Sometimes it can simply indicate the dreamer’s desire for such things. The sleeper should then consciously pursue this longing.

Anyone who sees an unknown opponent in their dream can be happy about the loyalty and support of their friends in waking life. If the other side in the dream consists of many people, you should be careful of intrigues and fraud. An enemy in war as a dream image usually illustrates annoyances and arguments.

If the dreamer is slandered by his opponent in his sleep, he will face one hard time ahead, which will probably also be marked by professional disappointments. If the sleeper cheats on his arch-enemy in a dream, he will probably soon be able to look forward to financial gain. However, this joy will only be short-lived.

In earlier times, in a duel, a duel, conflicts were resolved in a bloody way: the one who fired the pistol faster than his opponent, swung the sword or saber more skillfully, survived and won:

If the dreamer can defeat his rival in the dream, he is generally considered to be everyone in the business sector Obstacles can clear out. However, if he himself is defeated by his opponent or rival, he should be prepared for some resistance that cannot be eliminated so quickly.

Dream symbol “opponent” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream image “enemy” embodies the Personality aspects of the dreamer, which are foreign to him or which he has successfully ignored so far. Now these are coming to the surface of consciousness so that the dreamer should deal with them.

Fighting with a competitor in a dream usually refers to oneself inner conflict, which is intended to correct errors. If you fight against yourself in a dream, this can indicate the dreamer’s attempt to free himself from negative behavior or character traits.

If you see yourself as a sparring partner while boxing in your sleep, you may be in the waking world strength measurement before. This can be on both a professional and a private level. If you even kill your opponent in a dream, this can indicate a hopeless situation from which the dreamer believes that he can only escape with the help of violence.

Dream symbol “enemy” – the spiritual interpretation

According to transcendent dream analysis, the opponent in the dream can be understood as an admonition to be aware of yourself spiritual content to deal with things that seem alien to you. Only by exploring such insights will the dreamer be able to develop personally.

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