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Pictures, paintings and photographs can play an important role in our dreams. The dream situations in which these things appear are always different. Sometimes we might paint a picture ourselves or take a photo of something. Other times we look at a painting or wonder about the content of the image in front of us. Occasionally it also happens that we handle an image directly, for example when we frame one. Such dream events have a completely independent meaning in dream interpretation.

Framing therefore has a symbolic significance and, as a dream image, can allow many conclusions to be drawn about us and our lives. But what exactly should be taken into account when interpreting? What exactly can we conclude if we frame a picture in a dream?

Dream symbol “frame” – the general interpretation

Framing is often a symbol of in dreams Boundaries. According to the general opinion, the dream image is intended to show the sleeper that his possibilities in life are not endless and unconditional. In some matters it’s not about reaching for the stars, but rather making the best of what you have.

However, this interpretation does not always apply. In some cases, the dream symbol “frame” simply reflects a feeling of Beengung again. Perhaps the dreamer has the feeling that certain circumstances in life are holding back his self-realization. The dream image of the frame may even refer to a relationship that literally takes away the air he can breathe.

However, according to the general interpretation of dreams, anyone who frames a picture of themselves in a dream should be asked to change their own behavior to adapt. Although the individuality of the dreamer is fundamentally something positive, there are still situations in which more adaptability would be required.

If it is a photo that is framed in the dream situation, this traditionally leaves many people wanting new acquaintances close. The person affected will make new friends in the near future.

Dream symbol “frame” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the symbol of framing as a sign that the person concerned is not unfold freely can. The cause of this is most likely a mental imbalance or an internal conflict. When the dreamer frames something in the dream, he is not in harmony with himself. There are parts of his personality or his life that he cannot fully accept. As a result, he holds himself back in his development.

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, something else can apply, especially if the sleeper frames a picture that shows himself. Rather, such a dream situation not only indicates a high level of self-confidence, but occasionally even selfish behaviors. The dream symbol “frame” should make the dreamer aware of this tendency to assert one’s own interests at all costs. He urgently needs to change his attitude.

Dream symbol “frame” – the spiritual interpretation

According to this approach to dream interpretation, the dream symbol is intended to “frame” the sleeper spiritual boundaries show. He has not yet recognized this as such.

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