Ice cream – dream interpretation

Frozen water is called ice. It generally forms at a temperature of zero degrees Celsius and can appear in nature as snow flakes, hailstones or as glaciers. Melted ice becomes ice water again.

A lot of snow, frost and ice in winter makes numerous winter sports possible, such as ice skating or skiing. But ice cream or frozen orange juice can also be very popular as a dessert.

In all variants, the ice also appears in the dream world and can significantly influence dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “ice cream” – the general interpretation

Ice is usually seen as a dream image Danger dream interpreted. It heralds worries and difficulties with those around you who will try to cause problems. However, since ice can appear very differently, the interpretation of dreams is also very different and depends on the dream plot.

If floating ice appears as an ice floe in clear water or if the dream breaks into the ice, then it will happen false friends cause misfortune. A useless endeavor is symbolized by ice that can be seen in summer.

Caution is also advised when it comes to an ice surface, as walking on it can be a risky undertaking. If the ice surface becomes slippery, this will happen disappointments in love and false hopes. The same goes for ice skating or watching other people skate. Anyone who breaks into a frozen body of water and fights for their life will soon overcome the problems of the waking world and be able to devote themselves to new plans, fresh and refreshed.

If the dreamer slips on the ice, he will be in the waking world Bad luck have. If he falls, an accident will also occur in waking life. If you are hit and injured by a falling icicle, a similar thing happens in your waking life: a cold, unscrupulous person may hurt the sleeping person very much with his behavior.

If an iceberg can be seen in the dream world, then this dream image serves as a request to the dreamer that he should explore his subconscious. Anyone who sees themselves on a glacier made of ice and falling into a deep crevasse has deep problems that can hardly be overcome alone.

According to dream research, eating ice cream is a sign that the dreamer is preoccupied with superfluous things. Sometimes eating ice cream also announces one Illness at. If the dream eats ice cream on hot days, then he will become one erotic adventure experience that satisfies his urges, but will not make him emotionally happy. However, if the dream buys ice cream, then he will be able to enjoy increasing love.

The production of ice cream is interpreted negatively because it involves… Need for recognition and selfishness indicates what makes the dreamer fail in life. It can also be an indication of illness and a sign that wishes will not be fulfilled.

Ice flowers on the windows are also a bad omen. In this case, trouble arises in love and cooling feelings.

Dream symbol “ice cream” – the psychological interpretation

If ice cream becomes the theme of the dream plot, then the dreamer and his feelings are usually in danger. The dreamer then often has Angst, that relationships freeze or cool down in a figurative sense. Fear of life or the fear of financial collapse can also be expressed through the dreamed ice cream.

Sometimes the dreamer behaves too coldly even in waking life, which makes him… lonliness and can bring isolation. Even then, ice can appear as a dream image and represent a warning to be more empathetic.

Dream symbol “ice cream” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the ice is interpreted as part of the dream, which is frozen. To make progress in the spiritual development To do this, you first need to thaw out – in a figurative sense this means: Be open to the spiritual world.

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