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For every married woman, her husband plays a big role in life: he was and is – in the best case – the only true love of life, the person with whom a woman shares everything and wants to grow old. We go through happy times together, but of course also through difficult times. There are great emotions associated with your own husband, which are processed not only consciously but also on a subconscious level. For this reason, it is not uncommon for women to dream about their husbands. But unmarried women or singles can also see themselves in a dream alongside a (completely unknown) spouse.

But what do these dreams say? How should the dream symbol “husband” be interpreted? Let’s take a look at the often experienced dreams with the husband before we turn to the general dream interpretation… By the way, the female form is always used in the text, but of course the interpretation is the same for two married men. The wording only serves to make it easier to read.

Dream symbol “husband” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The husband dies in the dream world

My husband died – what a terrible nightmare

If your partner dies in a dream, and you perhaps even light a white candle on his grave in the cemetery, you should remain calm despite everything. The symbol does not herald the actual imminent death of the husband. Rather, the dream is intended to ask you to question your own feelings towards your husband. Do you still love him? Do you want to continue working on the relationship with him? Or have you already separated from him internally? The dream image “husband dies” makes you think.

Almost! If your partner almost dies in a dream

The partner almost dies, but survives in the end – such a dream certainly triggers strong feelings in the dreaming person. You feel fear, but ultimately relief. Symbolically, the dream image represents development. The sleeper experiences new, challenging situations. He manages to master these without losing himself.

Horror crash: dreaming of your husband having a fatal accident

Dreams in which your partner dies in an accident, for example a car accident, often herald sudden changes in your own life. You can’t plan a traffic accident; it happens without warning. Just as unexpectedly, the dreamer will be confronted with innovations in the near future. These could fundamentally change his entire everyday life.

He’s cheating! The husband as a cheating dream figure

If you dream that your husband is lying and cheating, this reveals the real fear of loss that is obviously linked to the love affair. The sleeper should use the dream symbol of the affair as an opportunity to keep his own worth in mind in order to overcome his insecurity. There may be a lack of trust and the dreamer fears that his or her husband will cheat on him or her with an affair.

After such a sleep experience, the person affected should consider whether the relationship partner can actually be held responsible or whether it is their own fears that trigger such feelings during sleep.

Dream symbol “husband” – the general interpretation

Basically, when it comes to dreams about your own husband, the emotional state felt in the dream is of great importance. If the relationship in the dream is perceived as harmonious and the husband behaves in a friendly manner, is in a good mood and is healthy, this symbolizes a functioning marriage: In real life, the dreamer gets along well with her husband. There are few arguments and no major problems when living together.

According to the general dream interpretation, these dreams also announce that the Harmony will continue to exist and the situation will not change in the future. The opposite applies if the dream is dominated by negative emotions, i.e. the person affected feels worry, sadness or fear. In this case, the dream represents an indication that marriage also exists in real life Issues and Opposites is overshadowed.

However, if you don’t see your own husband at your side in a dream, but that of another woman, you should take this as a warning: the person affected is very dissatisfied with their current life situation, may no longer love their own partner or is suffering from it for another reason Before. In addition, there is a risk that this dissatisfaction could last for a long time.

Dreams in which one’s own husband is seen sick or even dead should also be viewed negatively. According to the general interpretation, this situation is an indication of a bad and unfair treatment interpreted by the husband, he may even be cheating on her or will cheat on her.

The same applies if the husband loves another woman in the dream: There is a risk that he could get tired of the marriage in real life, commit adultery and possibly leave the dreamer. If you pull your wedding ring off your finger in a dream, an infidelity will have major consequences in the waking world, for example a separation and the loss of belongings.

Danger: In order for the interpretations of cheating and the failure of a real marriage to be correct, all other dream symbols from the dream with the husband must mean something similar and point in this direction – and that is very rarely the case.

If the dreaming person experiences a divorce in a dream, the real marriage may well be at risk and the fears of this are reflected in their sleep. The divorce can also be experienced again within family circles or friends.

If you then meet your ex-husband in a dream, you may be reliving a past failed relationship and learning from the mistakes you made. If you are actually divorced, you unconsciously end your marriage for good.

It can happen that women who are single in real life dream of being married. These dreams are intended to show those affected how they are not interesting enough for men in everyday life and for this reason only little attention gets from the opposite sex.

The dream experience of the deceased husband is also possible. The dream symbol “widow” indicates that the dreamer should come to terms with an issue from his past in waking life.

Dream symbol “husband” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation, the husband as a dream symbol is often an indication that the dreamer is in real life lonely feels, longs for more company and togetherness. She may often feel left alone (with her problems and worries).

If the person affected is also married in real life, dreams about the husband can also be a symbol of the whole thing Family life be viewed: In this case, the husband represents the family of the dreaming. Subconsciously she realized that she should pay more attention to this area of ​​life.

Dream symbol “husband” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual view, the husband represents the complement to the perfectionbecause only together can men and women form a spiritual unity.

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