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What do we as humans associate with the word “real” and how important does it seem to us to always be certain that something is real? Authenticity can show up in many different areas of our lives. Don’t we all really like people who are genuine in their way? Who show themselves exactly as they are and don’t carry around a fake facade?

Even when it comes to consumption, you want to know whether what you are buying is what you think you are buying. The shoe that you would like to have made of real leather or the ring made of real silver. And hasn’t everyone questioned whether the long blonde hair of the great Hollywood actress is actually real or whether the miracle of hair extensions isn’t there for us “make an X for a U” want?

Real things radiate something valuable, even if nowadays almost everything possible and impossible is imitated and copied. Branded clothing, for which you have to pay a hefty price in this country, can be purchased in perfect imitations at a bargain price in Turkish holiday destinations, for example. You will notice that this is of poor quality after the tenth wash, but by then you have at least let your neighbors believe that you have spent a lot of money on branded goods. So you signal: Look here, I can afford all of this.

But what does this mean when it comes to the “real” dream image in our dream experience? And most importantly, how does it show up?

Dream symbol “real” – the general interpretation

In general, the encounter with the dream symbol can be “real” as a sign of honesty be considered. The dreamer should try to remember the exact content of the dream. Is what he sees there really real or does he just believe it?

For example, if it is jewelry that he recognizes as genuine, this can represent a status symbol for him with which he likes to present himself to the public. Is this watch, ring or bracelet made of real gold or does it just give the appearance?

Here the person affected should pay attention to how he or she feels emotionally about the dream event. Is he convinced that what he sees is real or does he know that it is not true but keeps it to himself in order to appear in a better and nobler light?

In the waking world, this should give him an opportunity to think about his life own Values to think about. All that glitters is not always gold. Maybe the dreamer needs the feeling of being able to afford something real so that he feels valuable and special. Or he just wants to appear to the outside world so that no one can see what he’s really doing.

Even things that are clearly not real in the dream can bring interesting interpretation aspects for the dreamer. A wig could be an example of this. Wearing or being worn should give the appearance of authenticity. As a dream image, however, it can be an expression of Self-doubt be or from false ideasthat the person affected experiences in certain areas of their life.

The dream symbol “real” is always about the authenticity of the dreaming person, both in their dealings with themselves and with other people.

Dream symbol “real” – the psychological interpretation

On a psychological level, too, the dream symbol “real” hides, on the one hand, the representation of false facts, but on the other hand, also the desire for authenticity.

If you dream of real gold, this indicates your own values ​​and personality traits. However, if the person concerned surrounds themselves with huge amounts of the precious metal, their demeanor tends to appear boastful and arrogant to others and to like to praise themselves Look deliver.

Depending on the context in which the dream symbol appears “real”, it is advisable to always include the interpretation aspects of the corresponding dream image in the interpretation of the dream.

Dream symbol “real” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “real” is used on the transcendental level as a sign of authenticity and sincerity of the dreamer compared to the spiritual world.

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