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Geometric or geometric figures usually appear in dreams in a fairly inconspicuous way. Because hardly anyone sees themselves while sleeping in a world that only consists of rectangles, squares or circles. That’s why you sometimes have to take a closer look to recognize the “geometric” dream symbol.

A common way in which something geometric becomes visible in a dream is, for example, the shape of squares. Gardens, streets or patterns can also contain or indicate geometric shapes. Such shapes can even appear in a relief or a kaleidoscope. Or were the shapes drawn on the drawing board? A canister can also be interpreted as a geometric shape. Maybe you also saw the star on a major or lieutenant’s badge? If a geometric figure or shape appears very dominant in the dream, the aspects of this shape should also be taken into account.

It often happens that sleepers see a very specific geometric shape in their dreams. You can now read what this means:

Dream symbol “Geometric” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Warning triangle and co.: The triangle in the dream

In the general interpretation, the triangle is a symbol of the spirit. The dreamer can get to the heart of something in the waking world. According to the psychological interpretation, the geometric shape of the triangle is a symbol of man with the three-part unity of body, mind and soul.

Square, practical, good! The dream square and the cube

Generally speaking, the square in a dream symbolizes the earth and also the body. Within the psychological interpretation of dreams, cubes and squares refer to the earthly as opposed to the heavenly. A square with its four sides within a circle shows the becoming or emergence of a form. A figure in a square is an expression of the perfect human being.

What does the rectangle mean in a dream?

The general dream interpretation sees the rectangle in the dream as a sign of matter. It refers to earthly realities with their nooks, crannies and edges. A rectangle is very similar to a square except that it has two longer sides. That’s why the dream analyzes are almost identical: it’s about perfection and perfect harmony, in the relationship between nature and humans, but also within the human soul itself.

Extraordinary and exciting: The dreamed pentagon and the five-star (pentagram)

At the general level of dream interpretation, a dream pentagram indicates inner harmony. The number five shows the determination and conviction with which the dreamer pursues his path in order to maintain this inner balance. The sleeper has a lot of mental strength if he encounters a pentagon in his sleep.

The hexagon in dream research

Generally speaking, this dream image symbolizes harmony and connection. Sometimes it can also indicate the connection between the masculine and the feminine. The number six generally indicates that success is imminent. A development is positive and the dreamer can sit back and relax.

A round thing: dreaming of a circle

General dream analysis sees the circle as an archetype of the feminine. Interpreted psychologically, it expresses the human being’s inner being and self. If you are in an inner balance, the circle appears perfect and round in the dream. If a piece is missing, you should look for the missing part of yourself in the waking world.

Dream interpretation in a nutshell

Anyone who sees a point in their dream should become aware of what is special and unique. One can “get to the point” of a matter, which means that one describes the essence of the matter. The situation is similar with the dream image of the dot: the subconscious asks the dreamer not to dwell on small things and details, but rather to investigate the root cause in the event of a problem.

Dream about the cross

The dream symbol “cross” is interpreted from a general point of view as a sign of order or direction and refers to the unity of the four directions. The intersection in the middle of the cross is often understood as a reference to an essential fifth force. In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the cross in the dream shows the visibility of the spirit in matter. The arms of the cross illustrate pain, conflict and suffering. Whoever goes through this will experience perfection.

A mandala appears in a dream – why?

The mandala in a dream is generally a very favorable omen. Because it illustrates the cosmic forces and the inner order of the sleeper. In addition, the dreamer should become aware of his progress on his path to individuality. Soon he can be sure that he has found the right path for him.

Dream symbol “geometric” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “geometric” usually appears in a specific one stage of development. The dreamer should become aware that he has developed a greater understanding of the abstract world: he recognizes the whole and not only sees individual aspects of his being.

The dreamer can now also accept the nature of things. He accepts what is inevitable. This also makes it easier for him to accept the basic structure of his being.

In addition to the shape, the accompanying circumstances should also be considered more closely when interpreting the “geometric” dream image. This can lead to further interesting aspects. For example, as a student or at school, you can draw geometric shapes in a dream and thereby receive a clue about yourself analytical thinking. This should probably be used more in the waking world. The tiles in a bathroom, for example, can also be recognized as something geometric.

Dream symbol “geometric” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream analysis, the dream context also plays an important role in the interpretation of the “geometric” dream symbol. Anyone who has to do with geometric shapes in mathematics class is often asked to spend more time with them unconscious too busy. Drawing a circle with a compass can indicate psychological wholeness.

According to psychological dream interpretation, the following geometric shapes are also often seen in sleep:

  • Crescent: refers to a mysterious, feminine energywhich is mainly intuitive
  • Hexagram: Symbol of the union of the male and female, of matter and spirit into a whole that is perfect
  • Kugel: Perfection symbolcan show the perfection of all possibilities
  • Geometric patterns: show that the dreamer’s behavior follows a certain pattern, which needs to be deciphered in the waking world
  • oval: reference to the female principle and the uterus
  • Diamond: the sleeper should become aware that he is offered large and small opportunities from which he can choose
  • Spiral: illustrates the perfect Path of evolutionIf it tapers towards the middle, the dreamer only approaches his inner center in an indirect way
  • Star: embodies the hopes, ideals and longings of the person concerned, a five-pointed star with the point pointing upwards indicates that one can control one’s spiritual aspirations well, while an upside down star symbolizes evil.

Dream symbol “geometric” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a transcendent point of view, the dream symbol “geometric” can refer to the sleeper’s ability to abstraction Clues. This means that the sleeper is able to see the big picture, and not just the details.

Geometric shapes in dreams can also be understood as an expression of the male principle.

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