Counterfeit money – dream interpretation

Counterfeit money, often colloquially known as flowers, is primarily intended to imitate legal tender. The idea is to convince the unsuspecting owner that it is real money. Of course, the state tries to protect its money from counterfeiting through various security measures. But this doesn’t always work and so counterfeit money often ends up in circulation, usually undetectable to the layperson.

Dream symbol “counterfeit money” – the general interpretation

According to general dream analysis, counterfeit money in a dream primarily warns of fraud and Lie in waking life. These can come from the dreamer themselves or from other people. In any case, one should be careful because these lies will soon be exposed and then bring great shame for the person concerned.

The sight of counterfeit money as a dream symbol often brings disappointments and unfulfilled hopes. However, this dream situation can also illustrate that the dreamer will soon be in contact with a ruthless and characterless person Streit is advised. If you handle counterfeit money in your dream, someone will soon ask you for help in your waking life. This request should be granted because this person will turn out to be a good friend.

If you have counterfeit money in a dream, you should be careful of the advice of others. Because these are not always well-intentioned. In addition, this dream image can be used as warning be understood before a chance or opportunity that turns out to be risky or dishonest. Anyone who gets a flower in their dream should check their intentions or behavior in the waking world.

Dream symbol “counterfeit money” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream image of counterfeit money refers primarily to one thing Fraud or a disappointment. The sleeper may be the victim himself or he may want to harm someone else. The dream symbol “counterfeit money” can also be viewed as a symbol of dissimulation and falsehood. In this context, it shows the dreamer that he appears different in the waking world than he really is.

Dreaming about counterfeit money can also call for a change in behavior or lifestyle. The psychological dream interpretation interprets the counterfeiting of banknotes in a dream as an indication of the Self-deception of the sleeping person in the waking world. Because he lies to himself and portrays something to the outside world that he is not. If you are caught counterfeiting money in a dream, this deception will soon be discovered in your waking life.

Dream symbol “counterfeit money” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “counterfeit money” is considered one within the spiritual interpretation of dreams warning understood not to fall for false insights or false spiritual knowledge in the waking world. You should therefore carefully check the intentions of the people who want to bring you transcendent insights and not blindly trust them.

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