Eggshells – dream interpretation

The eggshell serves to protect the egg cell surrounded by yolk, i.e. the actual egg. This is not just a matter of mechanical protection, but the egg should also be protected from drying out.

When almost everyone thinks of an eggshell, the first thing that comes to mind is a chicken egg, as this can be found in almost every household. However, it also refers to the protective shell of other animal eggs.

Therefore, when analyzing the dream, it should also be taken into account what type of egg or egg shell it was in the dream. Have you perhaps seen a chicken egg lying in the nest? Or a snake’s egg? Depending on the circumstances, different aspects arise when interpreting dreams.

Dream symbol “eggshells” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, eggshells can be seen as a dream image unpleasant matter in the waking world, which, however, arose through the fault of the dreamer. He will not be able to ignore this matter, but he will have to deal with it and the resulting consequences for him. In some cases, the dream symbol “eggshells” can also indicate imminent grief.

If you drop eggs in your dream and see eggshells, you have to be prepared for gossip and arguments in your waking life. Eggshells from fresh eggs in a dream often illustrate this positive basic attitude of the dreamer, which cannot be affected by minor quarrels. However, if there are rotten eggs in your sleep, conflicts are imminent.

According to general dream interpretation, the sight of chicks together with eggshells as a dream image can symbolize a happy event in the family. If the eggshells are cracked in the dream because a chick wants to hatch from the egg, then the dreamer will soon be able to move on good news be happy.

If the sleeping person uses eggshells as fertilizer for his plants in his dream, his business in the waking world will develop well and he will become rich as well prosperity come. If the dreamer breaks eggs for an omelet or pancake and collects the eggshells, he should be careful in his waking life. Because someone might want to cheat him or harm him.

Dream symbol “eggshells” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the egg in the dream represents a symbol of unrealized performance or future possibilities. If the main focus in the dream is on the intact shell, the person affected should become aware that their potential is still within them hidden lies. He hasn’t found access to it yet.

If you break open the eggshell yourself in a dream, you have recognized your abilities in the waking world and can use them for the opportunities offered in the future. According to psychological dream analysis, broken eggshells as a dream image indicate that the sleeper is disturbed by his clumsiness damage becomes.

Clearing away or tidying up eggshells in a dream asks the dreamer to structure his life so that he can fully exploit his possibilities.

If the dream symbol “eggshells” is seen in connection with animals, this can be understood as a reference to one’s own life force.

Dream symbol “eggshells” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation sees the dream symbol “eggshells” as a reference to the Understanding of the dreamer that the power to spiritual perfection lies hidden within him.

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