Address – dream interpretation

Every person with a permanent residence has their own address, with which they must be registered with the registration authority by law. After moving, you must inform the authorities of your new postal address within a certain period of time.

Our address is, so to speak, our ID card, which allows the authorities to have immediate access to our data based on our name at any time in the event of an offense or other necessity. For us, however, our address means home, a place of retreat and well-being and the place where we are at home.

Address - dream interpretation

You can also have multiple addresses if, for example, your workplace is so far away from your actual home that commuting there every day would be too time-consuming. Then many working people take advantage of the option of a second home, under which they are then also registered. But the holiday home can also serve as a second address if you use it for residential and recreational purposes. In order to keep a lot of addresses together and not have to remember each one, many people keep an address book – previously made of paper, now preferably digital on a PC or smartphone – or collect business cards.

The dream symbol “address” can also appear in our dreams in very different ways. But how does the dream interpretation interpret this dream image?

Dream symbol “address” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, writing an address yourself in a dream warns the dreamer to do so Caution from risky speculations. He would do well to keep a close eye on his financial affairs to avoid losses.

If writing the address refers to a letter, this can be seen as a possible indication of an impending move. You may be thinking about changing your living environment without having any specific plans. The consideration can be expressed in the dream experience through the dream symbol “address”.

In this context, it would be interesting to see whether the dreaming person remembers which address they wrote. Were the exact names of the place of residence recognizable or are there no specific memories of this?

It is possible that in the dream one also dealt with a previous address by visiting it or writing it down. Dream analysis sees this dream situation as an invitation to the dreamer to look back Past. If the address is known and the person concerned has a good feeling about it, this reflects to him that this place also has a particularly positive meaning for him in real life and he associates this place with a feeling of security.

Dream symbol “address” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, addressing a letter or package to a larger group of people indicates that you have existing knowledge and important information should share with others instead of keeping it to yourself. If you dream of looking for letters with your own address in a stack of mail, this suggests that the dreaming person tends to be excessively selfish.

Here the dream interpretation says that the larger one’s own address is written, the more strongly the person concerned lives it Self-centeredness out of. If, when viewed objectively, he recognizes such character traits in himself, he should understand the dream as an invitation not only to focus on himself, but also to appreciate other people for their uniqueness.

If you dream repeatedly about the address of your beloved partner and it appears on completely different things, this indicates a big one Longing the dreaming person after this person. There may also be a desire for a common address, i.e. to live together with your loved one.

Dream symbol “address” – the spiritual interpretation

From the perspective of spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “address” means that our spiritual home is now one identity and we recognize where our place in life is.

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