Lever – dream interpretation

“Give me a fixed point in space and I will unhinge the world,” The great Archimedes once said to make it clear that with a large lever arm, only a small force is necessary to move something large.

In physics and engineering, a lever is a so-called mechanical force transducer. It consists of a rigid body that can be rotated around a pivot point. Levers can be found in many everyday and technical things these days.

For example, the law of levers is used in rowing because the oar represents a one-sided lever. You can also find levers in a seesaw, a coffee grinder or a nutcracker. But what message does it contain as a dream symbol?

Dream symbol “lever” – the general interpretation

According to general dream analysis, the lever as a dream symbol indicates that you are in the waking world difficulties will overcome. Above all, if you see a working lever in a dream, you should realize that you have the necessary skills to overcome your problems.

However, if the lever does not work in the dream or the dreamer breaks it himself, he must expect great resistance on his life’s path. These may bother him so much that he has to make a change. If the lever is used in a dream similar to a steering wheel or steering wheel, then the sleeper will have his own strong will be aware. In addition, this dream situation can also give him a warning about wrong goals in his life.

Anyone who sees or operates a pedal lever in their dream will generally make good progress in their waking life, despite some effort successful be. The sight of a seesaw in the sense of a lever as a play equipment on a playground as a dream symbol can indicate a surprising flirtation. This will bring the dreamer joy, but it will not last long.

Dream symbol “lever” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees the symbol of the lever in the dream as a symbol of the Energy and the strength with which the dream masters its tasks in life and overcomes problems. This interpretation not only addresses the physical strength of the sleeper, but also shows him his mental strength.

The lever in the dream can also indicate the desire for personal development illustrate. If problems arose in connection with the dream symbol “lever” during sleep, you should pay close attention to how they were overcome. This allows conclusions to be drawn for the waking world as to how possible difficulties can be eliminated there.

The sight of a rocker arm on a vehicle in a dream can lead the dreamer to one change in his previous life or behavior. Just as this lever is used to change the direction of force, a course correction might also be appropriate in waking life.

Dream symbol “lever” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a transcendent point of view, the dream symbol “lever” can draw attention to the dreamer’s desire to live his life according to his own sake to control.

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