Trap door – dream interpretation

A trap door can be located on the ceiling or on the floor and serves as access to a hallway or room. The trap door is seen as a very space-saving alternative for getting into a cellar or attic. The trap door variant that is embedded in the ceiling often also has a fold-out staircase installed that you can climb up.

But trap doors can also be found on gallows or as a trap option. On the gallows, the trap door is operated by the executioner using a lever mechanism, so that the condemned man suddenly falls down and breaks his neck. Trap doors were often used in castles in the Middle Ages to trap or keep out unwanted intruders.

You can read what a trap door can mean as a dream image in the following text.

Dream symbol “trap door” – the general interpretation

Within the general dream interpretation, the trap door in the dream is seen as a warning of one Sneaky or an intrigue. In addition, such dream content can relate to both your own intentions and the actions of other people. The dreamer should therefore be careful in the waking world in order to avoid possible danger.

Another interpretation sees the dream symbol “trap door” as an indication Care forthat will come to the dreaming. This may be caused by a letter with unpleasant content or the loss of a key. If the trap door is seen in a dream in connection with a gallows, it often heralds an unpleasant phase in life. However, the person concerned is responsible for this themselves.

In general, an open trap door in a dream symbolizes new possibilities and opportunities in the waking world, which in some cases are also associated with risk.

If a trap door is used as a trap in a dream and the sleeper falls through it, he will face problems that will lead him to one hopeless situation will bring. On the other hand, if another person falls through a trap door in a dream, the dreamer will soon use a trick to achieve a certain goal.

Dream symbol “trap door” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream image of the trap door symbolizes one crash for the dreamer, which will be very painful. This fall can relate to both the social and social life of the sleeper. This descent usually occurs following a deceit or when one has “fallen” for someone else’s evil intentions.

Falling through a trap door in a dream can be considered one warning against carelessness and negligence. An open trap door in a dream is interpreted by psychological dream interpretation to mean that the person concerned has found access to a specific problem. This was not possible for him for various reasons, but now he became aware of a way to deal with his difficulties in waking life.

Dream symbol “trap door” – the spiritual interpretation

The transcendent level of dream analysis interprets the dream symbol “trap door” as a reference to one crossing, which triggers a spiritual fear in the dreamer. However, the person affected should face this, because positive things can develop from it.

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