Berries – dream interpretation

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or blueberries, mulberries, cranberries, currants, gooseberries, elderberries – berries are among the most popular types of fruit, which are eaten pure every year, especially in (early) summer and autumn, as ice cream or, for example, as a cake topping from Jung and old are often eaten. The berry fruit, which is usually red, bluish or purple in color, grows on plants or bushes from where it is usually harvested by hand.

Berries - dream interpretation

While most people think of fruit when they hear the word berries, many people don’t know that, in a botanical sense, completely different plants fall into the category of berries.

Some examples that we probably wouldn’t have considered berries are beans, peppers, chestnuts and avocados, lemons or tomatoes. Strictly speaking, the individual grapes are also called “wine berries”. And the yellow-orange physalis is also called the “Andean berry”.

Most of the time it is the classic types of berries, such as strawberries, blackberries, raspberries or blueberries, and sometimes cranberries, that appear in a dream. They can appear relatively often there, as berries are an integral part of the menu for many people who value a healthy, vitamin-rich diet, especially in summer.

If you also dreamed of berries, the following explanations will help you find a suitable dream interpretation. It could also be helpful for you to take a look at similar dream symbols such as fruits or fruits, some of which provide exciting insights.

Dream symbol “berries” – the general interpretation

What is a dream that involves the dream symbol berries about? Often the dreamer is harvesting the fruit or looking for berries. Searching plays an important role in dream interpretation. If you look for berries and find them, then you might just get some in life Trouble impending, which under certain circumstances can only be overcome with a lot of patience.

In this context, collecting the berries found means in a similar sense in dream interpretation hard work, which is necessary to achieve a goal. Sometimes the dream image is related to the strenuous little tasks that everyone has to do again and again in everyday life. If you then enjoy the fruits you find yourself, they will probably suit you even when you are awake enjoyment and Joy before.

Sometimes the search for berries in the dream is in vain and you return empty-handed. This dream image is often a valuable clue for you because it means that you may have one in one of your projects wrong way have struck. Here, the dream is usually intended to encourage you to reconsider your approach and, if necessary, choose a different approach.

In the same way, this dream can mean that the dreamer has hopes in some area – perhaps it is about professional life, personal development, friendly or erotic relationships – and these hopes be disappointed.

Poisonous berries, such as holly, cotoneaster or honeysuckle fruits, usually symbolize conflicts in the home. Under certain circumstances, family life becomes very inharmonious and problematic.

When interpreting a dream that focuses on berries, you should also consider the color of the berries, as this also influences the interpretation. Were the berries red in your dream? Then there could be one in your immediate area Danger lurk. Or did you see black berries in a dream? Then the dream symbol may announce Care for and Sorrow but at the same time it also shows you that you can overcome the negative feelings.

Dream symbol “berries” – the psychological interpretation

Often the dreamer also eats berries in the dream. Psychologically speaking, this dream symbol usually has a connection to negative feelings such as Trouble on. So the dream perhaps embodies your ability to regularly get upset over little things when you’re awake, but not to let this anger out, but rather to just keep eating it inside yourself.

In addition, berries, also as jam or preserves, are sometimes a symbol of in a dream sexual desires and needs. Maybe the dream wants to draw your attention to wishes that have not yet been fulfilled?

Another way to interpret the dream symbol berries suggests a more negative interpretation. The dream may want one for you warning send:

The dream image often shows you that carelessly picking and snacking on berries can be dangerous – you don’t always know in advance that the fruits are not poisonous. Transferred to the waking state, you could learn from the dream that not everything that looks good and tempting at first glance is actually healthy for you.

Dream symbol “berries” – the spiritual interpretation

While ripe berries, as a dream symbol, often embody professional success and interpersonal happiness, the dried fruits represent losses and problems.

In a spiritual context, the state of the berries can spiritual consciousness of the dreaming. If he eats or picks ripe, delicious berries, his spirituality develops positively. Dried berries or raisins are then an invitation to him not to let his relationship to spirituality die out.

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