Woody plant – dream interpretation

A woody plant is primarily a small stand of low trees that can be found in the middle of fields or meadows. This is usually a closed collection of different or identical plants.

In addition, the term “woody plant” also refers to a plant growth form. This refers to perennial plants whose trunks and branches become woody. Another name for this can also be “woody plants”.

Woody plants include smaller trees, shrubs, bushes and lianas. Furthermore, trees can vary greatly in shape and size. Large trees sometimes almost resemble a forest, while smaller shapes are more reminiscent of a hedge or bushes.

In addition, trees also provide a safe place for various bird species, such as the oriole.

Dream symbol “wood” – the general interpretation

The general dream analysis sees the dream symbol “wood” as the announcement of one change in the personal area, which will have a natural cause. This means that this change will not be forced on the sleeper from outside, but will arise as a result of his natural development.

A green tree in a dream also usually brings Luck and favorable developments in waking life. If a tree is evergreen like the cypress, the dream symbol should be understood as an invitation to patiently stick to your goals. However, if you see a bush with brown, fallen leaves while you are sleeping, you should prepare for something bad. Because the dreamer will probably have a hard time soon.

If you see a burning tree in your dream, your plans will develop as desired and to your satisfaction. In addition, luck will be on his side. If the dreamer sells such coppice, he is generally considered to have his own determination be shown. Through this he will probably make a fortune in the near future.

Dream symbol “wood” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream analysis, the tree is seen in the dream as a good omen considered for waking life. Anyone who dreams of this can look forward to internal growth and their business will also develop well.

However, if you get your clothes caught on such bushes in a dream, you should be careful in the waking world. Because you may find yourself entangled in a dangerous situation. The sight of bushes in a field in a dream can be on your own Lack of plan indicate in waking life. The dreamer often behaves erratically in his ideas and thoughts. Even on an emotional level he shows little consistency.

If the dreamer makes his way through a small woody forest, this can indicate that he is in the real world Order tries hard and wants to get his chaotic character under control.

Dream symbol “wood” – the spiritual interpretation

Woody plants as a dream symbol can be used as a symbol of a dream within the spiritual interpretation spiritual mess be considered. In the waking world, the dreamer should try to bring structure to his knowledge in this area.

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