Harrow – dream interpretation

When we think of a harrow, we often think of the traditional version pulled by one or more horses, although this important tool for cultivating the soil is still used extensively in modern agriculture. The harrow is used in spring when the plowed ground is prepared for sowing. Only by leveling and crumbling the heavy chunks can a seedbed be created in which the young plants can thrive.

All of this involves hard work, and this aspect also plays a role in the interpretation of the harrow as a dream symbol, as we will see shortly.

Dream symbol “harrow” – the general interpretation

The harrow in a dream means great effort, just as she has to break up the coarse clod with her tines, the dreamer has to toil and work in the truest sense of the word in order to achieve his goal. Depending on the condition of the field he is working on, he can draw conclusions for dream interpretation.

Working in the spring shows that he has started with motivation, and if he doesn’t let up but continues to work steadily, he will be able to reap the rewards of his efforts. A lot of weeds indicate that he has so far neglected his inner field or at least parts of it, while many stones for Obstacles that need to be overcome.

However, the dream symbol “harrow” can also occur Feelings of guilt refer to those who plague the dreamer. He tries to create order and can thereby compensate for and overcome his guilt; Dare to start anew, just as the field is worked anew every year and the old is plowed under. Under certain circumstances the harrow symbolizes Forgetfulness.

Just as the device is forgotten by a careless farmer at the edge of the field and slowly grows there until you unexpectedly stumble over the sharp metal parts, the dream symbol in this case is a memory, a kind of memo to yourself. The dreamer should remember his Forgetfulness works before it becomes his downfall one day. Anyone who sees someone else working with a harrow warns themselves about something dangerous Rivals.

Dream symbol “harrow” – the psychological interpretation

The harrow levels the roughly plowed ground and makes the previous ups and downs invisible, so to speak. From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol therefore has two levels:

On the one hand, it can mean that you are trying to cover up or level out something. The skill Feelings of guilt be, since the harrow also has connotations with these in the interpretation of dreams. Or you have in the past Mistake made that you would rather not let anyone see. Instead of facing failure, try to cover it up. It would be more beneficial for mental health to take a calm look at our own mistakes and failures, because only from them can we learn for the rest of our lives what leads to success and what doesn’t.

On the other hand, the harrow has the same features as many agricultural implements in a dream change there. Winter is over, the field must be tilled. There is hard work ahead of you, but it can be worth it if you stick with it and don’t let the odd obstacle that comes your way discourage you.

Dream symbol “harrow” – the spiritual interpretation

Even on the spiritual path, not everything just falls into our laps. The harrow stands for in a spiritual sense Success after arduous work and change the intellectual field of activity.

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