Affair – dream interpretation

When we talk about an affair, we usually mean a sexual love adventure that usually exists at the same time as an existing relationship. It can be a one-time thing like a one-night stand or it can last over a long period of time. You then lead a kind of double life that sometimes no one knows anything about except the two people involved. At home you lead your normal married or relationship life and in your free moments you secretly meet with your affair to passionately live out your sexual desire.

An affair often goes undetected because everyone involved is usually keen not to make it public. However, it becomes difficult if only one of the two lives in a committed relationship and has a partner, because very often the other wants more sooner or later. Often after months of intimacy, at least one party falls in love with the other.

Affair - dream interpretation

At the latest when deeper feelings arise on a sexual level from a non-binding affair, problems with infidelity are inevitable. In failed relationships or marriages, such affairs can often become an issue between ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends, ex-husbands and ex-wifes. Because above all, mistrust is a real problem.

How is the affair interpreted in dream research? Do the sexual acts in the dream mean that similar affairs will occur in the waking world? First, let’s look at the most common dream situations related to an affair before we turn to the general interpretation of the symbol.

Dream symbol “affair” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Affair despite a relationship – is the dream a prediction?!

Dreaming about an affair indicates that the dream traveler actually longs to live out their wild side. It is not important whether it violates applicable laws or customs; The sexual level is almost always the cause of the desires expressed in dreams, which can be satisfied in sleep without fear of the consequences. If the dreamer is having an affair despite being in a relationship, he should gratefully accept the tip and openly communicate his needs to his real relationship partner. Otherwise, he may destroy the love relationship out of his own dissatisfaction.

The affair at work as a dream image

The colleague wants more… Why this affair dream?

Anyone who has an affair with a colleague in a dream probably wants more momentum in their life. In order to be able to assess what role the other employee plays, the sleeping person should question their feelings for this person in more detail.

The dream can mean that the dreamer particularly trusts this work colleague and perhaps wants a closer friendship. The erotic background can also be the deciding factor for the dream situation: the dreamer may have already subliminally perceived an interest or attempt at flirting on the part of their colleague.

Flirting at work: “Affair with boss” as a dream image

Anyone who enters into a sexual relationship with their boss in a dream probably has a desire for greater appreciation in their professional life and an opportunity to be able to adequately demonstrate their own skills.

Especially if the affair is started by the dreaming person, the desire for greater recognition and a leadership role can be expressed. Because of the intimacy she comes very close to the position of the superior. However, if the first step in the dream came from the boss, this dream image may show overload or restrictions in the job.

Having an affair with the teacher in the dream world

A teacher in a dream often calls for you to get to know yourself better. If an affair with the faculty takes place and you experience sex with the faculty in the dream world, this reinforces the message and indicates that the dreamer has already found the right consciousness. The journey of discovery of one’s own self also puts the sleeping person in a state of excitement in dreams, similar to what a love relationship can do.

The teacher can also point out a certain lack in the life of the sleeping person here. Depending on whether the dreamed teacher reacts with discipline, assertiveness or with gentleness and understanding, exactly one of these points could be missing for the person concerned.

Stop it! Experiencing the ex-affair in dreams

If the dreaming person has actually had an affair in the past, meeting their ex-lover can indicate an internal processing process. Maybe there were feelings involved that shouldn’t have been there. At the same time, the dream image reveals the desire to have another affair.

If you are either single without sexual contact or always faithful in a relationship, the dream situation of an ex-affair symbolizes the longing to break out of your everyday routine and experience a (sexual) adventure.

Dream symbol “affair” – the general interpretation

If you dream of having an affair and cheating even though you are in a committed relationship, in general dream interpretation the affair is an indication of the desire for change and Variety. It is possible that the dreamer is actually thinking about cheating on his or her partner because there is a crisis in the relationship or passion has given way to boredom, especially in the sexual area.

If you recognize in a dream who you are having an affair with, this can be an indication that you are also interested in this person in real life and find him or her sexually attractive. On the other hand, the person can also only represent a still unknown person.

Experiencing a sexual adventure with a person with whom you could never imagine having sex – for example sex with your best friend – is a dream symbol that signals a strong connection to this person. You feel particularly safe and understood with him.

According to dream researchers, it promises to be able to resist an affair Luck and Success. However, if you give in to it, you have to expect a loss of your reputation.

Seeing yourself living out an affair with someone often also embodies an ideal of the dreaming person. You would like to be as free and uninhibited in real life as you might experience yourself in your dreams. However, why this is not possible is a question that the dreamer should ask themselves.

Dream symbol “affair” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological perspective, “affairs” are often behind the dream image Self-doubt. In a dream affair, the subconscious lives out without inhibitions and shame everything that one would never have the courage or self-confidence to do in waking life: adultery, hot sex without taboos with the lover.

Since the sexual experience is usually the focus of an affair, preferences and preferences are often revealed at the dream level with this dream image sexual inclinationsthat you would like to live out and try out, for example the “threesome” or sadomasochistic sex. However, in dream analysis, this does not necessarily mean that you want to do this with someone other than your partner.

In this context, the affair, sex and cheating can show that you are too ashamed or inhibited to talk to your partner about these wishes and ideas, because you may believe that you cannot reveal this to him.

For the dreamer, this dream can definitely be a push in the direction of openness in the affair relationship and perhaps the other person will be much more pleased than you might fear.

Dream symbol “affair” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual sense of dream interpretation, the dream image “affair” represents the opposites in life, for the male and female principles and for that Seek Unit.

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