Property – Dream Interpretation

Both in reality and in dreams you can call a lot of things your own – houses, apartments, shops, cars, but also smaller material assets. For many people, increasing their property provides the motivation for their achievements and work in life.

Property - Dream Interpretation

However, what can it mean if you dream about property? Does such a dream simply show the actual desire for wealth and fortune?

Or is there perhaps a completely different message hidden behind this dream image?

Dream symbol “property” – the general interpretation

The dream image “property” can be referred to in general dream analysis legacy indicate which does not correspond to the dreamer’s assumptions. This interpretation should be used especially if you are the owner of large or many properties in the dream.

If the dreamer sees his own possessions in the dream, he can look forward to a loyal and caring partner in the waking world. Property in the sense of wealth as a dream symbol often brings with it financial worries or points to self-inflicted ones losses there. If you have a lot of property and money in your dream, possibly even a Hollywood villa as a home, you have to be prepared for money problems or an economic bottleneck.

If your own possessions are auctioned off in a dream, you should not be wasteful in the waking world. The same applies if the bailiff appears in the dream and seizes property.

If the sleeping person has a lot of money and goods in his dream, this can be a symbol of his actual Strive in the waking world are understood in terms of power, prestige or material possessions. The general dream interpretation interprets the pursuit of wealth and large possessions in the dream as meaning that the dreamer will be rewarded for his actions in waking life.

If you own a carnelian in a dream, you will often become aware of an inner power that is based on deep feelings. If the dreamer has a ruby ​​while sleeping, his business and love affairs will usually develop positively.

The destruction of property, such as your own house or business, in a dream can indicate a change in the dreamer’s life. If the sleeper packs his belongings in a bag in his dream, he will soon have an important one Decision before, which will influence his entire life.

If you can consider a harem as your property in a dream, you should not waste your energies on useless pleasures in the sensual area.

Dream symbol “property” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream analysis, “property” can be reflected in the dream symbol spiritual pride express, which refers to acquired knowledge. The dreamer is satisfied with his intellectual achievements and abilities.

If you expand your belongings while you sleep through an inheritance, the person concerned should have their mental health skills become aware of what he can do to make his life better. If the dreamer adds treasure to his property in the dream, he will further develop his skills and personality in waking life.

Anyone who loses their property in a dream, perhaps through theft, should have theirs real fear to become aware of such a loss of one’s possessions. If something is stolen from the affected person by a specific person, this person should also be examined closely for interpretation.

If your own possessions are expanded or lost in a dream, the cause should also be examined more closely for psychological interpretation. Was there perhaps an inheritance behind it or did the dreamer win the lottery?

Have you been robbed by a thief and therefore no longer have any money, or have you been the victim of an intrigue by a rival in the dream? A natural disaster such as an earthquake or a fire would also be conceivable.

Dream symbol “property” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, the symbol “property” refers to a diverse knowledge and knowledge in the spiritual area, which the dreamer either already has within himself or would like to acquire.

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