Midwife – dream interpretation

Midwifery is one of the oldest female professions. This term is used to describe women who care for pregnant women during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. They cut the umbilical cord after the birth, if the father does not want to do this, and take care of the still bloody belly button of the child. But even later, after the birth, midwives still advise and look after the new mothers and show them how best to deal with their little offspring. How to hold the child correctly? How do you bathe it? How do you prepare a milk bottle? Obstetricians also pay attention to the baby’s weight and development in the first few weeks.

Now why does the midwife appear in the dream? For a pregnant woman, dream content like this is hardly anything out of the ordinary, since this is the topic you are currently dealing with. But what kind of message can this dream symbol contain if you dream about it as a man or a non-pregnant woman?

Dream symbol “midwife” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets the symbol “midwife” as a reference to one Secret or a secrecy. This remained in the dark until now, but now it penetrates into the dreamer’s consciousness or he will now find out about it in waking life.

Anyone who speaks to such an obstetrician in a dream will receive a prediction of a birth or a baptism. If you see the midwife helping with a birth in a hospital in a dream, you will soon be able to do something New calculate in real life. This can be a change in your personal or professional life. But the development of a new skill can also be behind it.

According to general dream analysis, an examination by a midwife in a dream can indicate remorse or remorse Feelings of guilt Clues. If the dreamer himself is a maternity nurse or maternity nurse in his sleep and helps a woman give birth to a child, then he will act quickly on a certain matter in waking life.

If a midwife gives a pregnant woman a contraction cocktail with castor oil in a dream, you should deal with the bitter experiences of your life.

Dream symbol “midwife” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream analysis, the midwife is a dream symbol for an imminent birth change. This aspect can be used especially if it appears in the dream in connection with a birth.

The midwife as a dream image who helps a woman to have her child can also represent the longing for one New beginning or symbolize the implementation of a specific project. Only with the help of others will you be able to implement your private or business plans.

If the dreamer visits a midwife while sleeping during pregnancy, this can indicate a real desire for a child or a fear of an unwanted pregnancy. If the womb woman uses a suction cup during obstetrics to bring the baby into the world, the dreamer should become aware that in order to achieve his goals, he must first take a few steps difficulties have to clear out.

Sometimes, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream image of the midwife can also be Inhibitions in the sexual area. These should be examined more closely by the dreamer in the waking world. Professional help is probably necessary for this.

Dream symbol “midwife” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually speaking, the midwife in the dream can be understood as a symbol of a person who helps the dreamer Understanding will help on a transcendent level.

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