Fur – dream interpretation

“Pull the fur over your ears”, “see the skins floating away”, “tan someone’s skin” … We know many proverbs about the word “fur”, mostly with a negative connection. But fur can also be fluffy and soft and keep us warm in winter. Beloved pets often have fur that we cuddle up to for comfort – whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit or an exotic chinchilla.

A fox or marten fur, as well as the fur of the polecat, ferret or mink, becomes a status symbol as fur. In the past, people even put a whole bear skin in front of the fireplace, and tiger skin was even more exotic. Some furs have special patterns and colors, such as that of zebras or giant pandas. Today, primitive people still warm themselves in blankets made from real animal fur, such as seals or antelopes.

In the following article, find out everything you need to know about the topic of “fur” in dream analysis. What can it mean to see an animal skin in a dream?

Dream symbol “fur” – the general interpretation

The general interpretation of this dream symbol can move in two directions – positive or negative. However, it should be borne in mind that even initially negative interpretations of a dream symbol can always help us personally, as they help us to understand ourselves better.

Seeing fur, especially if it floats away from the dreamer in the water, is generally seen as a sign of Streit or Trouble considered. Again “Wolf in sheep’s clothing” Perhaps there is a conflict lurking that the subconscious has already recognized and which the person concerned now becomes aware of through the dream symbol of the fur.

The same applies to tanning a skin: If you see yourself tanning a skin in a dream, you probably have financial or at least business concerns losses to do. The symbol should be understood as an indication to better prepare for bad times in the future.

If a skin is pulled off an animal, for example in a dream about wild life in the forests or the prairie, it may initially seem repulsive and fill the dreamer with disgust, but in dream interpretation it is seen as a sign of Success and business income.

The skin on a drum is also interpreted positively; The drum, and therefore the skin stretched over it, represents an instrument of community and celebration Luck and Success.

The soft, well-groomed and shiny fur of a beloved skin animal symbolizes the need for Vicinity, especially physical, and security. It radiates warmth and coziness. Animals with particularly trimmed fur and a type of “hairstyle”, such as the poodle, encourage you to explore the core of a current issue and concentrate on the essentials.

Anyone who wears fur in a dream signals Non-conformity. He doesn’t want to submit to social rules and tries to break out of conventions. Unless it is expensive fur, wealth and also presumption symbolized. The dreamer should be careful not to become too ambitious and to leave enough space for the feelings and needs of those around him.

Dream symbol “fur” – the psychological interpretation

On a psychological level, the fur represents the longing in dream interpretation security. Like the soft, fluffy fibers of the fur, the dreamer wants to cuddle up and enjoy physical closeness. This may be missing from his waking life at the moment, or he may be afraid to admit it.

If the fur is dirty, full of bugs or simply unkempt, it is an indication that these needs for closeness are currently unsatisfied or something doesn’t feel right.

The condition of the fur is important for interpretation in several ways. The fur also stands for this as a dream symbol Animalistic, Unbridled in man. It embodies the instincts and emotions that are not subject to the control of reason.

Anyone who dreams of dirty, disheveled fur means their relationship to this inner side is out of balance. Then self-love is appropriate, including all aspects, including those that you like less about yourself or even deny, in order to regain balance.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, wearing fur is always an indication of one Covering. A kind of camouflage or statement for the environment. This can be about the dreaming person being aware of the rules and conventions “go against the grain”. It is also possible that the person wants to protect the soft, vulnerable core of their soul from others by wrapping themselves in rough fur in the dream and thus protecting their innermost being from view.

Dream symbol “fur” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, a dream about a fur suggests that the sleeper will consider the relationship of reason and Instinct should check within itself.

Ask yourself: Are you very rational? Some knowledge can be not achieve with thought.

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