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Food has always been of particular importance in our dreams. In many dreams in which food appears, we eat it. Sometimes we don’t eat them, but instead prepare a meal ourselves.

Occasionally it happens that we don’t cook a classic dish at all, but bake bread, pretzels, croissants and rolls, cookies, pastries or a cake. The American donuts can also be fried yourself and then decorated. As we sleep, we can literally smell the scent of fresh apple pie or cookies that have been delicately spiced with cinnamon or allspice. Hmmm.

This activity always has an important significance when interpreting dreams. As a dream symbol, baking allows many conclusions to be drawn about us, our personality and our lives. But what exactly does the dream image “bake” mean? How is it specifically interpreted and what should be taken into account when analyzing the dream?

Dream symbol “bake” – the general interpretation

Basically, baking in a dream is a symbol of positive changes in life. The dream image promises luck and success. This applies to both professional life and private matters.

However, what exactly you are baking in the dream situation can also be relevant for the general dream analysis. So baking bread using yeast shows that you are dreaming Fate has itself in its own hands. Different paths are shown to him in life. It’s up to him which one he chooses and what direction his future takes.

However, if you put very small rolls into the oven in a dream, you may be using it potential not completely. The sleeper still has to recognize his personal abilities and strengths.

If another person bakes bread or a pie in a dream, this suggests that the person concerned is happy to hand over responsibilities to those around them. If you bake something with cheese in a dream, this can possibly indicate problems. If you bake with margarine instead of butter in a dream, you should prepare for a period of disappointment.

According to general dream interpretation, dream situations in which something sweet such as cookies or cakes are baked, perhaps with marzipan, raisins or almonds, promise fulfillment of a wish. This often applies in particular to private life and family planning.

Only in men’s dreams does baking cakes warn Envy. The dream symbol then asks you to beware of talk that damages your reputation. If pancakes are baked in a pan in a dream, you want the affection of other people.

Dream symbol “bake” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees the symbol “baking” as a good omen for one’s own future. The dreamer recognizes one Chancethat presents itself to him. He takes advantage of this opportunity and converts it to his own benefit. This allows him to develop personally. In this context, the dreamed baking can also call for creative talents to give more space in everyday life.

Sometimes, however, psychoanalysts interpret the baking of bread in the dream as an indication exhaustion. The dreamer may feel overwhelmed at the moment. He longs for peace and quiet at home. Any problems and excitement stress the sleeper and could ultimately even completely discourage him.

Dream symbol “bake” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual approach to dream interpretation, baking is a symbol of creativity. The dreamer has the urge to… creative abilities to live out.

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