Departure – dream interpretation

If you leave a place for a longer period of time, you leave. Departure can go on vacation or end a vacation. Perhaps it is also a professional stay. In any case, it’s time to say goodbye first. This situation also often becomes an issue in the dream world.

Dream symbol “departure” – the general interpretation

The departure is often used as a symbol of this Fate interpreted, which cannot be stopped, but whose direction the dreamer could still determine. There are almost always changes associated with departure, but these will lead to an improvement. This is especially the interpretation when the dreamer is expecting a departure full of anticipation.

If the dreamer is preparing to leave in the dream world, then an important decision will soon come to the waking world. However, if the departure is sudden and hasty, he tries to avoid a decision and avoid one Responsibility to press. This is also the case when the dreamer sees himself leaving. Sometimes, however, this can also be an attempt to avoid an argument.

If the departure takes place by means of transport such as a car or bus, then the dreamer is trying to avoid inconveniences. However, if the dreamer misses the train or is missed the bus, then he has big problems Angst from missing an opportunity.

Dream symbol “departure” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, a departure is always associated with a change. The dreamer tries to break out of the habits that dominate his life. Often there is a desire for Freedom and independence the reason for this dreamed departure.

In general, the departure symbolizes the change of life. However, the dreamer should decide for himself where he wants to go. Through this departure that departure brings, the dreamer can escape everyday life and also that Stress or escape the argument. However, this often also shows an attempt to avoid responsibility. Above all, a hasty departure leads to the assumption that the burden and pressure on the dreamer has become too great.

Anyone who experiences embarkation in their sleep and embarks on a journey by ship is symbolically setting off for “new shores”. This means that the dreaming has one new phase of life begins and bravely faces what awaits him.

For dream analysis, the circumstances surrounding the dream are particularly important in order to interpret it as “correctly” as possible. The destination of the dreamed departure should also be taken into account. Search our dream symbol dictionary for these places or people you met when you left. You can find the search function at the top of this website.

Dream symbol “departure” – the spiritual interpretation

If departure becomes an issue in the dream world, then the spiritual dream interpretation interprets this dream image as conscious Rejection the past of the dreaming. By leaving, he symbolically leaves this past behind.

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