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If a person is not in a hurry but simply wants to move from one point to another without any means of transportation, then they usually choose to walk. What is characteristic of this type of locomotion is that there is always contact between the feet and the ground.

Unlike running, walking has an average speed of 1.4 m/s, which is equivalent to 5 km/h. Movement and walking are often an important aspect of dream interpretation in the dream world.

Dream symbol “walking” – the general interpretation

Walking in the dream world symbolizes that the dreamer is in motion and in which direction his waking life should go. Through this dream image his intentions and Goals be clarified. The behavior and speed of the dream provide further important information.

If the dreamer walks or marches with determination, then he already knows his goals; walking quickly is sometimes also a sign of rash actions.

The dreamer needs help if he uses a stick while walking in the dream world. A hesitant and disoriented walking, the search for one’s goal or lack thereof initiative clarify. However, walking slowly can also indicate thorough planning and therefore success. Those who cannot walk experience a kind of paralysis in life: goals seem far away and there is a lack of motivation to achieve them.

If the path leads up the mountain, the dreamer will struggle to reach his goal. A path leading downhill warns of more relaxation, but also of possible ones deteriorations the living conditions in the waking world.

If the dreamer goes backwards, he is very dependent on himself Past influence. The dreamer is usually inhibited in his development by his experiences and experiences in the past.

Walking in women’s shoes in a dream usually indicates that you are investing your time in something that will not be worth it. Walking on stilts as a dream image warns against too much vanity and overestimation of oneself.

Dream symbol “walking” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the way the dreamer moves is usually an important indication of their current condition. If the path has no end when walking in the dream world, then this indicates that aimlessness of the dreamer.

If the dream moves quickly and quickly while walking, he will carry out his plans and projects in the same way. Walking without effort or taking a walk shows that the dreamer is optimistic, and walking slowly reminds you to be careful. Problems with the Personality development are symbolized by a laborious and dragging gait.

Anyone who stumbles while walking in a dream is struggling with their own character weaknesses. The dreamer hinders himself so that he cannot progress in life.

The company of the dreamer while walking is also important for dream interpretation. If he is alone, the walk is more quiet and thoughtful, while company indicates deep conversations.

Dream symbol “walking” – the spiritual interpretation

When walking in the dream world, the dreamer explores previously unknown parts of his personality. According to the spiritual interpretation of dreams, it is more like one Exploration tourthat the dreamer undertakes in his sleep.

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