Fast food – dream interpretation

Quickly eat a few fries with currywurst during your lunch break or bite into a fish sandwich or a hamburger while strolling through town – fast food is still popular, shops like McDonalds and Burger King are now becoming more “classy” fast food restaurants who prepare the snacks from particularly good and also more expensive raw materials.

Fast food meals can generally be taken away shortly after ordering and eaten either on the spot or on the go. The range of products on offer is large: While the snack bar used to mainly serve pizza, bratwurst and grilled chicken, in recent years dishes such as kebabs, sandwiches and sushi have enriched the selection of fast food. Bowls are also a relatively new trend.

Fast food - dream interpretation

It is probably common knowledge that none of these dishes are particularly healthy. Fast food usually contains a lot of worthless fat and simple carbohydrates, which are also not very filling. Anyone who regularly orders burgers etc. will have problems with their weight if they don’t exercise. Cholesterol and diabetes can occur as a consequence. In principle, there is nothing wrong with “eating quickly” as long as it is done in moderation and rarely.

If someone dreams of fast food, the reason may be an actual feeling of hunger. Maybe the dreamer pays a lot of attention to his diet in real life and the appetite for a burger makes him feel guilty. When interpreting dreams, it is crucial whether the sleeper feels enjoyment or rejection in the dream.

Dream symbol “fast food” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “fast food” points to the aspects of nutrition, enjoyment and Satisfaction of needs there. In the dream, the sleeper deals with the question of how he needs food, for example in the emotional or mental area.

According to traditional dream interpretation, fast food as a dream image also represents the absorption of experiences and knowledge. The dreamer may be missing it Exchange with others about this. Eating a cheeseburger in a dream can express the need for feedback regarding one’s own values ​​and opinions.

In popular dream interpretation, fast food is considered a positive dream symbol because it saturates and satisfies the dreamer. Half a chicken eaten with pleasure can be a sign of well-being be in real life. According to dream analysis, it heralds a happy future and freedom from financial worries.

If the sleeping person devours a rich snack as quickly as possible in a dream, he or she probably doesn’t like sharing. The dream image of “fast food” also indicates a lack of compassion.

If the dreamer perceives the burger or kebab as comfort food, according to general dream interpretation, he longs for his own childhood back when life seemed uncomplicated.

Dream symbol “fast food” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, a dream about fast food is generally considered a balancing dream. This means that the dream image represents something that the dreamer would like to have in real life. However, he has to forego it for personal reasons. His subconscious creates one with the dream symbol compensation.

If in reality the sleeping person pays strict attention to his diet, the dream image “fast food” can be an invitation to treat himself to something. According to dream analysis, the dream expresses the unconscious desire to occasionally deviate from the path you have set for yourself. The dreamer may also want to fight against those imposed from outside Regulate to rebel.

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “fast food” is also a symbol for satisfaction certain needs. The dreaming person is mentally starved. Maybe she feels lonely or unloved.

The dream can also represent uncertainty. Subconsciously, the dreamer is afraid that the current good times could soon be over. That’s why he wants to enjoy every moment.

Dream symbol “fast food” – the spiritual interpretation

The food a person eats affects their mental, physical and emotional state. According to spiritual dream interpretation, the quality of the food, but also its availability, contributes enrichment of life.

If someone enjoys eating their bratwurst or pizza in a dream, the dream symbol “fast food” represents them spiritual satisfaction of the dreamer.

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