wetting – dream interpretation

You also have to learn how to control your own excretions first. For most young children, this isn’t a problem, although the “clean without a diaper” process can take a while. Sometimes difficulties can arise because the urge to pee is not noticed, especially at night.

There can be various causes for bedwetting or bedwetting. Children often sleep very deeply. But an illness, such as a urinary tract infection, can also be a cause. Wetting can also be a sign of getting older, as the ability to perceive one’s own physical signals is decreasing. “Wetting our pants” is often an issue, especially in retirement homes; However, there are adult diapers on the market for this purpose.

wetting - dream interpretation

If urine is clearly seen in the dream in connection with the dream symbol “wetting”, this dream image should also be taken into account for interpretation.

In some cases, the urine in the dream can also have a different color than usual. Then the dream symbol “colors” should also be included.

Dream symbol “wetting” – the general interpretation

The general dream analysis sees the symbol “wetting” as an uncontrolled one release of internal tensions. The dreamer lets go of his inhibitions and gets relief in a particular matter. However, he shouldn’t overdo it, but rather pay attention to the right amount.

A mother’s dream that her child wets his bed or her marital bed can often have an unusual meaning Fears Clues. Even if the sleeper may not have children of his own, but still sees himself as a mother in the dream, this interpretation should be used.

If the dreamer wets his bed or mattress and bed linen while sleeping, this can generally be understood as an indication of an actual illness. However, this dream situation can also be dramatic events which will disrupt the everyday life of those affected.

If a sick person or a patient in the hospital wets his bed in a dream, one will not recover from an illness as quickly as desired.

The recovery will take some time in waking life. If an old person, perhaps even their own grandma/grandmother or grandpa, cannot hold their urine while sleeping and therefore wets themselves, the dreamer should curb his lifestyle and trust in his wisdom.

Dream symbol “wetting” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream analysis, “peeing in your pants” in a dream symbolizes the dreamer’s fear of you Loss of control. He fears that he will not behave socially correctly in waking life. The fear of condemnation of one’s erroneous behavior can also be shown in this dream symbol.

In some cases, the dream symbol “wetting” can also be a reference Problems im sexual Deliver area. The sleeper may be worried that he will not be able to control himself properly or he may be afraid of completely giving himself over to his erotic needs.

If the dreamer wets himself in his sleep or wets his pants in public, his Angst Be aware of exposure. If the sleeper is naked in the dream and cannot hold in his urine so that it runs down his legs, he is probably giving in to his sexual feelings uninhibitedly in the waking world. However, this can be dangerous for him in the long run and the sleeper should therefore exercise more moderation.

Dream symbol “wetting” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a transcendent perspective, the dream symbol can “wet” oneself Longing of the sleeper to express themselves personally without restrictions.

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