opposite – dream interpretation

When something is facing you, that object is in a frontally opposite position. This can be a wide variety of things. People, animals, furniture, houses and trees are just a few examples.

But the term “versus” can also be used to make a comparison. Because you are in a certain position or in the immediate vicinity of a certain thing.

Since the dream symbol “opposite” can appear in many different situations, the accompanying circumstances are of particular importance in the interpretation. Depending on the dream situation, the symbol can carry different messages.

Dream symbol “opposite” – the general interpretation

Within general dream analysis, the symbol “opposite” is understood in the sense of a position. Similar to the dream symbols “above” or “behind”, such a position dream provides a clue to the moral standpoint of the dreamer in the waking world.

In addition, the dream image can refer to the sleeper’s position in life and his behavior in certain situations. In all of these interpretations of the dream image “opposite” the dreamer is supposed to be shown that he can relate to things in reality with a little Distance met to get a better overview of the matters.

The surrounding circumstances or the context in which the dream symbol appears “opposite” also play an important role in the general interpretation. For example, if you see a house on the other side in a dream, this can indicate a distant relationship to your current life situation. On the other hand, an apartment opposite when sleeping can be used Self-analysis request.

Anyone who sees houses across the street in their dream is generally warned to take a closer look at their life path. You should ask yourself whether you have actually taken the right path here. If the dreamer talks to his neighbor across the street in his sleep, his Willingness to help and become aware of friendliness in dealing with others.

The sight of a person on the other side of a river or lake can be a dream image of new knowledge or Insights illustrate what you will receive in relation to people around you.

Dream symbol “opposite” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological dream interpretation interprets the dream image “opposite” as an expression for occurring Problems in uniting different opposites. This can also be an internal conflict that the dreamer first has to resolve for himself. In addition, the other person can be understood as a person, in the sense of an opponent.

If an object is intentionally placed opposite another object in a dream, this can indicate the conscious creation of one imbalance in the waking world. It should also be noted whether this is done in the dream by the dreamer himself or by another person.

If the sleeper corrects the position of two things that are opposite each other in the dream, this illustrates an attempt to compensate for certain differences in waking life. Furthermore, this can be due to the Need for harmony of the dreaming.

Psychologically speaking, a sign that is often seen in connection with the dream symbol “opposite” is the mirror.

If the dreamer sees himself distorted in a mirror, he may have a one-sided image of himself in the real world. It would therefore be advisable for him to face all of his Character traits to deal with. If you are faced with a clear or clearly recognizable reflection in the mirror, this can indicate self-doubt that the dreamer is carrying around with him.

Dream symbol “opposite” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a spiritual perspective, the dream symbol “opposite” can be a reference to the current one Level of development of the sleeper on a transcendent level by trying to achieve a balance between certain opposing sides.

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