intimidate – dream interpretation

Threats and displays of force can intimidate people to the point where they become completely discouraged. The goal of intimidation is actually to destroy the other person’s self-confidence so that there is no longer any need for violence from the aggressor.

The knowledge that one can become a victim of another at any time is enough to prevent any independent activity. Most people who are intimidated are people who are already in a weaker position: children by parents and teachers, or employees by superiors, for example. Criminals also often enforce their interests by tyrannizing innocent people.

A dream in which you are intimidated certainly awakens fear and anger, but also shame because you do not dare to defend yourself. In order to arrive at an accurate dream interpretation, one should pay attention, among other things, to whether the dreamer is intimidated or whether he scares others.

Dream symbol “intimidate” – the general interpretation

As a dream symbol, intimidation can mean that the sleeper will not bow to the threats of another person in real life. According to dream interpretation, the dream image is one encouragementto stay strong and not let yourself be distracted from your own path.

However, if someone dreams that others are trying to intimidate or coerce them, this can also be a warning signal. Maybe you should be more careful in your actions and statements in everyday life. According to dream analysis, the dream symbol can also refer to one own mistakes to draw attention. The fact that others want to intimidate the dreamer is perhaps just a reaction to a wrongdoing that originally came from the dreamer.

If it is the dreaming person who threatens or frightens another, the dream symbol “intimidate” warns of the injustice and the excitement it causes. In reality, the situation can ultimately turn against the dreamer himself.

But if he himself is the victim, the dream indicates, according to dream analysis uncertainty there. The sleeper suffers from self-doubt because he is unable to assert himself against intimidation. The fear he feels in the dream indicates concrete problems in everyday life. He may not want to admit it to himself or others. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “intimidate” often embodies the Inexperience in dealing with difficulties that make solving them difficult.

Dream symbol “intimidate” – the psychological interpretation

According to dream analysis, the dream symbol “intimidate” symbolizes the repressed, unresolved problems and conflicts of the dreamer. A fear that is not named grows into a major threat in the subconscious. It takes shape in dreams and can ultimately be consciously perceived and mastered.

If a person wants to intimidate the sleeper, the dream image often represents a warning against one’s own rash actions. However, if one follows the dream interpretation, one should also take deeper psychological stress into account.

The dream symbol “intimidate” is possibly an expression unresolved experiences from the past. The dreaming person should be clear about whether the fear felt in the dream is close in time to a real event that is perceived as threatening. If the dream image appears in dreams from a long time ago, the cause probably lies in childhood.

Dream symbol “intimidate” – the spiritual interpretation

Intimidation is a form of violence. The aggressor tries to exert pressure to force other people to do or not do something. In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol points to one mental block there. Internal or external inhibitions prevent the dreamer from progressing on his spiritual path.

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