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Who does not know it? The problem of weighing a few kilos too much and the inner voice that raises its index finger and warns us to eat less and, above all, eat healthier in the future.

There are countless diets that promise us the best and fewer kilos on the scales. Losing weight while you sleep – however, for many this remains a dream. In today’s affluent society, the number of people who are overweight is steadily increasing. More than every second person in Germany would have to lose weight, although men are affected much more often than women. However, it is rare to hear a member of the male species complain about weight problems. It is mainly women who are dissatisfied with their bodies and want to lose weight.

Today’s ideal of beauty also contributes to the fact that we feel uncomfortable in our skin. The media holds up a mirror to us every day, demonstrating in advertising and films that only those who can answer “Size 0” when asked about their clothing size are attractive and happy. This often has fatal consequences, especially for teenagers and young adults. Lose weight at all costs, even though there was nothing left to lose weight for a long time, or even never before. Young girls – but also boys – who become anorexic or suffer from bulimia and vomit regularly have a disturbed self-perception and feel too “fat” even though they are already underweight.

If you deal with the topic of “losing weight” even in your dream, there may be a serious problem behind it. Read more about the topic below:

Dream symbol “lose weight” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “lose weight” is more likely to be associated with negative interpretation aspects. If you experience yourself in a dream as the person who is losing a lot of weight, perhaps in order to reduce snoring, on the one hand this announces Sorrow and Loss on the other hand, this can be an indication of impending health weakness. The entire dream content should definitely be included in the interpretation, as the individual dream experience can also be decisive for the precise interpretation of the dream.

Losing weight can also happen in a dream in many different ways. If you become thinner and thinner as a result, you may find yourself taking refuge in the waking world Issuesbecause you fear that you won’t be able to find a way out of them.

The constant loss of weight expresses the dreamer’s desire to disappear into thin air and no longer be responsible for solving the problem. If these thoughts are already consolidated in the dream world, the dreamer would do well to face the problems and not run away from them, even if that sometimes seems to be the simplest solution.

However, the dream symbol “lose weight” can also mean something other than the loss of body weight. The moon, for example, can also appear as a waning moon in our dreams. According to dream research, this symbolizes that you will be with us in the future failures must calculate. These are bearable, but planning should be done in advance so that the standard of living achieved can be maintained.

If you are currently planning a business or project, it is better to allow a little time to pass. At the moment there would be one for this inconvenient timeas the chances of success are very low.

The loss of heat, for example from a tiled stove, in a dream often illustrates a cooling of feelings. The dreamer should take a closer look at his current emotional state in the waking world. If you take off a cap in a dream, you should realize that you will probably be behind others.

Dream symbol “lose weight” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “lose weight” can be interpreted in different ways. If someone who is overweight dreams of losing weight, this only expresses the dreamer’s wish to finally lose weight and his own Schönheitsideal correspond to.

However, if other people are losing weight in a dream, it may be important to make it clear to the person concerned that other people are often faring much worse than themselves. Here the dream experience can be of help to them, their own consciousness to hone in on the abundance and wealth in one’s life and not constantly complain at a high level.

If you also feel happy in your dream when you lose weight, even though you already look more than emaciated, then you should definitely do so warning Understand how to take good care of yourself in real life and ensure you eat enough food. This quickly creates a vicious circle that is no longer easy to break.

Anorexia or bulimia is often a gradual process. The person affected believes that they have to conform to the public ideal of beauty and that this is the only way they can receive recognition and love. If you notice such obsessive thoughts in yourself, you should seek therapeutic help as quickly as possible.

Dream symbol “lose weight” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “lose weight” symbolizes the weakened spiritual substance of the dreamer. Strengthening and grounding are needed here in order to strengthen and nourish the spiritual powers.

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