Beams – dream interpretation

We refer to beams as elongated load-bearing and supporting devices, which are usually made of wood, steel or concrete. Like many other objects and building components, beams can occasionally appear as symbols in our dreams.

You may then look at a bar very closely in the dream situation. Maybe you bump into one and feel pain. In rarer cases, a beam can also appear in a dream without having a clearly recognizable function, for example if it is not installed but can be carried around loosely.

But what exactly is behind it when a bar appears as an image in our dreams? What does this dream symbol mean?

Dream symbol “beam” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, a bar is generally considered a positive symbol. The dream image represents domestic and family matters Luck. In the private sphere of life, everything is currently developing to the sleeper’s satisfaction. People live together harmoniously. The opposite can only apply if the beam in the dream situation is old or even broken. In these cases there is a threat losses and dispute.

General dream analysis also interprets a beam less well if the dreamer bumps into it, for example because one does not bend down low enough in a small attic. In these cases, the dream image symbolizes Problems, which inhibit the free development of those affected. If the beam you are hitting is on the ground, this also represents obstacles that are difficult to overcome.

A dream situation in which the sleeper has to carry the beam also symbolizes this Junior, which cannot be discarded and therefore also restricts personal development. This can be, for example, responsibilities. If the beam is supported by a pillar in the dream, you should usually become aware that your own life is built on a good basis.

Rarely, it can also happen in a dream that you throw away a beam or give it away. Such dream situations give up suppressed feelings of guilt close. The dreamer finds it difficult to admit his mistakes. Instead, he tries to free himself from the guilt. He chooses a scapegoat whom he blames for his own wrongdoing.

Anyone who hammers the last nail into a beam during a topping-out ceremony in their dream usually wants to start something new in the waking world.

Dream symbol “beam” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, a bar symbolizes the cornerstone of one’s own life. It stands for what the person concerned bases their existence on. The bar is a symbol of firmly anchored morals, values ​​and personality traits that define the dreamer.

However, if the bar appears as an obstacle like a barrier in the dream situation, this in turn suggests that the sleeper is right way cannot recognize for itself. Psychological dream analysis sees the symbol “bar” as an indication of circumstances that prevent the dreamer from finding his place in life. Occasionally they also get stuck Doubt on your own values ​​and your previous view of the world beyond.

Dream symbol “beam” – the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual dream, a beam symbolizes principles and Beliefs. The actions and thoughts of the dreamer are based on these.

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