Achilles heel – dream interpretation

The term “Achilles heel” comes from Greek mythology. The hero Achilles was considered invincible, but had a weak spot on his right heel. Ultimately, an arrow was shot into it, which killed Achilles. This legend gave the Achilles heel its name, which we still know today. As a symbol, it describes our sore point, the place where we are weak.

In fact, the Achilles tendon is still named after the fallen hero today. It is the terminal tendon of the calf muscle and connects the heel bone to the muscle. The Achilles tendon is the thickest and strongest tendon in the human body; it can withstand 25 times your body weight. A tear in the Achilles tendon is very painful and is usually operated on. Inflammation and irritation after incorrect or overloading – usually in sports – should also be treated.

The Achilles heel and Achilles tendon sometimes also play an important role in dream interpretation. But how exactly can the weak point be interpreted as a dream symbol?

Dream symbol “Achilles heel” – the general interpretation

As in the Greek legend, the Achilles heel can also be a dream symbol and a reference to one weak spot be. The dreamer knows himself and his strengths well, but also knows about the aspects of his personality that make him vulnerable.

The type of weaknesses involved can vary greatly. It is possible that the person affected is often too selfless and is easily taken advantage of by others. But perhaps he is too stubborn or approaches things in a too unstructured manner. He should see the dream as request see how to deal with this on a conscious level and work on the negative aspects of yourself.

In addition, the affected area of ​​the Achilles foot can not only provide information about one’s own individual weak points, but also show that the affected person is afraid that these could be recognized and exploited by others. He tries to appear as strong and invulnerable as possible to the outside world so that people who don’t mean him well don’t have the chance to cause him grief and failure.

Dream symbol “Achilles heel” – psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of the dream symbol largely corresponds to the general opinion: Here too, the Achilles heel is considered personal weakness interpreted that makes those affected vulnerable. The subconscious deals with these parts of the character and tries to work on them.

At the same time, it is quite possible that the person affected is currently having one in real life difficult task has to master and assert oneself against others, on a professional or private level. The dream symbol is therefore also an expression of his fear of failure and the fear that others could recognize his weaknesses and exploit them for their own purposes.

In addition, the Achilles heel in the dream can also directly refer to a specific one company relate to in real life. The dream may have organized something, but the plan itself has a weak point and is in danger of failing. The subconscious asks him to rework this weak point so as not to fail in the end.

Dream symbol “Achilles heel” – the spiritual interpretation

In mythology, Achilles’ heel was the point that made him vulnerable and cost him his life. The Achilles heel can also represent this as a spiritual dream symbol and for the Vulnerabilities of one’s own spiritual existence.

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