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A report is the most common form of news reporting. There are always a lot of reports not only in the newspaper, but also on TV and radio, the latest information and news are regularly reported on, usually by reporters. At the same time, a report can be a protocol, as is the case with a fax report, for example. All connections dialed and received within a certain period of time are then listed.

In addition to the fact that we inform ourselves daily through reports about the latest developments and events in the world, it can also appear to us as a symbol in our dreams. So it also happens at this level that we read or hear a report. Maybe we’ll even write one on a typewriter.

The content can vary. Sometimes it is regional news that is reported. Sometimes it’s about political topics, but maybe also about environmental disasters or interesting things from the world of celebrities. In rarer cases we also write a report ourselves in a dream.

But what can such dream situations mean? How do you interpret the report as a dream symbol?

Dream symbol “report” – the general interpretation

As a dream symbol, the report stands for news and To know. This is generally accessible and the person concerned records it. There is a possibility that he will use what he has just learned for his own purposes and change certain areas of his life.

However, if the dream is a report that contains some juicy details – perhaps even from one’s own private life – the symbol represents the dreamer’s fear of one revelation. There are some things he would rather keep to himself, but he fears that he has recently confided in the wrong people. So it’s questionable whether he can keep the matter a secret for much longer. This also applies to dreams in which a report from the tabloid press is read.

According to general opinion, anyone who writes a report in a dream themselves, perhaps as a journalist, has an urgent need to share their own knowledge, their own knowledge and their own skills with others split. The person affected wants their fellow human beings to also benefit from the superiority they feel. Whether this impression of superiority is justified depends, among other things, on the quality of the information that he passes on in the dream in the form of the report.

Dream symbol “report” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the report always represents a direct message from the subconscious. The symbol shows which subconscious processes are currently taking place. At the same time, the dreamed report is intended to make those affected aware of these developments.

In order to interpret the dream as accurately as possible, psychoanalysts see the urgent need to take into account the specific content of the report. For example, reports that deal with violence, war or death can indicate that a certain part of the personality has split off.

Good news, on the other hand, heralds an imminent positive step in mental development. Topics such as economics and politics refer to the handling of personal resources and internal forces.

Dream symbol “report” – the spiritual interpretation

According to this interpretation approach, the symbol “report” in the dream represents a spiritual knowledge. This must be made publicly available.

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