Elephant – dream interpretation

Gentle giant or dangerous pachyderm? An elephant can trigger different feelings in us – depending on what experiences we have had in the past.

The elephant is the largest and heaviest living land animal. Its ancestor is the mammoth, the last species of which became extinct more than 4,000 years ago. Not only the strength of the elephant, but also its tusks and its loud organ can inspire respect or frighten people. But for most people, the elephant is a good-natured and protective mammal that also carries a certain wisdom. This can be attributed primarily to the old age that the animals can reach.

What interpretation is behind the elephant in your dream? What does he want to draw your attention to? For a closer look at the dream symbol elephant, the context of the dream is also important. Where did the encounter with the elephant take place? Was it a single elephant or several? Did you see the world through the eyes of an elephant? Was the elephant calm or were you attacked angrily? What do you associate with the animal?

All of these questions can help you better understand your dream of an elephant.

Attention: If you saw an unusually small “elephant” that had a short trunk but no tusks or large ears, it was probably a tapir. These are relatives of rhinos. In this case, please also take a look at our article on “Tapir”.

Let’s first look at a particularly common dream involving a pachyderm. We then turn our attention to the general interpretation of the dream animal.

Dream symbol “Elephant” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Water march! The dream elephant splashing around

The elephant is a dream symbol that promises good luck and gives confidence. Especially if the animal is in or near the water, it can symbolize a change for the better. The water symbolizes the clearing up of old problems and detachment from an existing burden, while the elephant represents strength and security in life. Existing difficulties in the dreamer’s life could be overcome and thereby create space for a happy new phase of life that is characterized by stability. Therefore, the dream symbol “elephant water” should be interpreted extremely positively.

Dream symbol “elephant” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the positive qualities of the elephant predominate. He will be as Lucky charm viewed as a strong and loyal companion. He can show you new paths or remove obstacles. Interpreted as a motherly creature, the elephant protects and protects you from all evil.

The elephant and its valuable ivory tusks are often a sign of wealth in dreams, but also of stability, both in professional and private matters. It can also make you aware of power and family. As a leader, rethink your leadership style. Make time for your family without sacrificing yourself.

How important the content of the dream is becomes clear in the interpretation of different dream situations:

If women dream of an elephant, this is a sign of admirer, which cannot be easily shaken off. For men, however, the elephant symbolizes upcoming events businesses will develop well and that their abilities will make them stand out from the crowd.

If you see only a single elephant in the dream, this indicates a modest but secure situation income there. But if a whole herd of elephants appears to you, this indicates great wealth. Being kicked by an elephant doesn’t necessarily have to be a painful experience. If you are kicked by an elephant in a dream, it will bring you Wealth, happiness and also Honor.

Anyone who rides an elephant is lucky in all situations and can hope for wealth and awards. Feeding an elephant shows you that you are popular with your friends for your friendly nature. On the other hand, if you give water to the elephant in a dream, you will receive a reward for an action you have already done.

In addition to the many positive interpretations, the elephant can also prove to be insurmountable obstacle prove and stand in your way. However, this aspect is rarely the case and only applies when other negative dream images appear in connection with an elephant.

Dream symbol “elephant” – the psychological interpretation

From the psychological point of view of dream interpretation, the dream symbol elephant represents Kraft of the subconscious. This power can be dangerous if not controlled by the mind. However, if this is the case, it can be controlled and used sensibly.

The dream of a peaceful and hard-working elephant also indicates this: However, if the pachyderm is injured, sick or dies, this indicates an impairment of the vital force or impairment of the subconscious.

The trunk and tusks are used as clear symbols of the male sexuality rated. An attacking or wild elephant is a warning to the dreamer about uncontrolled sexual greed. Especially for women, the proboscidean in dreams symbolizes the longing for a strong and at the same time sensitive sexual partner.

There are further possible interpretations:

  • Elephant with zookeeper or elephant guide on the neck: indicates the strength to overcome obstacles on the path of life if you are guided by reason and logic
  • Elephant in the circus: Warning against excessive vanity, which can easily end in ridicule
  • Seeing an elephant on a safari: an irrepressible urge for adventure is expressed
  • Elephant with cubs: Longing for a peaceful and harmonious family life
  • Elephant’s head instead of your own head: a good omen to emerge victorious in an argument that exceeds your own strength and to gain great profit from your own superiority.

Dream symbol “elephant” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually, elephants are considered symbols of a vital and long lifenot least because of its own long lifespan.

The elephant represents you as a spirit animal companion to help you absorb knowledge and remember the past.

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