Icicles – dream interpretation

Especially in areas where it freezes for long periods of time in winter, icicles tend to hang from roofs, trees, street lamps or cave ceilings – icicles.

Icicles form when drops of water solidify due to temperatures below freezing and usually take the shape of a column or cone because the water drips from above towards the ground.

Longer icicles, such as those found in cold, underground caves, form over time. It starts with a single drop of water that freezes. As a result, more water drops run down it and freeze either at the bottom of the tip or to the side. The prerequisite for the formation of icicles is not only a temperature below freezing, but also liquid (melting) water from above. Sometimes, when it is very cold in winter for a few days at a time, icicles form on gutters, which can be dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.

Nowadays, when a really cold winter with a lot of snow is becoming increasingly rare in Germany, depending on the region, icicles are no longer a common sight in winter. And yet for many people they are an integral part of the view of a winter landscape. Therefore, when someone dreams of winter or the underground caves mentioned above, it often happens that icicles also appear in this dream.

Dream symbol “icicle” – the general interpretation

Icicles are made of frozen water – so aspects from the related dream symbols water and ice also flow into the interpretation of this dream image. Water often embodies the feelings of the dreamer, so to speak the sea of ​​his emotions, as well as his abilities and his potential. The dream image of ice can also be related to feelings, although it indicates cold, rigid and unaccommodating behavior as well as callousness.

Both aspects can also be found in the interpretation if you dream of an icicle.

If the dreamer sees an icicle in the dream, the unfriendly behavior symbolized by ice usually refers to other people. Perhaps the sleeping person will soon experience a rather cold, emotional feeling when they are awake. frosty reception experience through other people. Under certain circumstances, the dream image could be a request to the dreamer to behave more warmly towards other people so that they can return the favor and, conversely, be friendlier to the dreamer.

If the icicle hangs down the gutters of roofs in a dream, then one will happen love relationship in the life of the dreaming person perhaps becomes more intimate and deepens. However, if you see the icicle on a gutter, then the dream symbol is more of a sign Not and lack of comfort, which could lead to health problems for you.

An icicle on a fence hangs in the dream interpretation with physical and mental Leiden together. If the icicle is on an evergreen plant, then perhaps one suits the dreamer bright future before, which, however, is overshadowed by a dubious award. If the icicles fall off trees, you can often expect trouble and misfortune to disappear.

Dream symbol “icicle” – the psychological interpretation

Icicles in a dream are usually a symbol of frozen, fixed feelings. However, just as an icicle can melt at positive temperatures, these emotions can also falter.

So after the dream, just think about what feelings the dream might mean and whether it would be good for you to separate yourself from these feelings and be more open to other emotions.

Icicles as a dream image can also be interpreted with reference to sexuality. A dream about icicles sometimes means that, especially for men sex drive could decrease or a man suppresses his sexual drive. If you, as a woman, dream of an icicle, this may indicate that your erotic relationships are slowly freezing while you are awake.

Dream symbol “icicle” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation also sees the dream symbol as a sign of cooling feelingswhich mostly relate to spiritual aspects.

Perhaps the dreamer’s relationship to spirituality and his efforts towards spiritual development are slowly cooling down.

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