Dislike – dream interpretation

A dislike, also known as “animosity” or “aversion,” sometimes cannot be traced back to any specific reason. Sometimes it’s just a “gut feeling”. Most of the time you can rely on this feeling. Because often you have already unconsciously noticed something that your conscious mind has not yet recognized. In the worst case, the dislike turns into a strong feeling of hatred.

Especially when assessing people, you quickly decide based on your gut feeling whether a stranger is likeable or unsympathetic. This often happens within a few seconds, but can change after you get to know each other better. With food, it is either the smell or the taste that creates an aversion. Many people also experience aversions to certain situations or memories.

In response to aversion, the physical signs are usually clearly visible to others, such as turning away the body, grimacing or making negative noises. Nausea can also occur. The inner rejection is less obvious unless it is expressed.

We would like to take a closer look at what aversion can mean as a dream image in the following article:

Dream symbol “dislike” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “dislike” as a sign of Excitement or upset, especially if the aversion in the dream is accompanied by disgust.

In addition, the dream symbol can indicate a situation in waking life that the dreamer finds tasteless or outrageous. Maybe he doesn’t feel up to this life situation and doesn’t know how to deal with it. The dreamer should stick to his views and not allow himself to be confused, then he will master such an event.

If the dreamer detests or hates another person in his dream, he should generally be shown that he has an aversion to this person in the waking world. If another person feels an aversion towards the dreamer in his dream, his good intentions will pay off and he will become a friend to these other people selflessness lead.

If a female dreamer shows antipathy or dislike towards her loved one in her dream, she will love an unsympathetic man in waking life.

According to the general dream interpretation, aversion or feelings of disgust towards a certain food in a dream warn of an envious person. The dreamer should therefore be careful in the waking world.

Dream symbol “dislike” – the psychological interpretation

The dream context plays an important role in the psychological interpretation of the dream symbol “dislike”. If you are worried in your dream that a certain person doesn’t like you, then this is seen as a bad omen understood. The dreamer has to prepare for problems in waking life. But if you ignore this aversion in the dream, you will also quickly and easily overcome the difficulties that arise in the waking world.

The dream of dislike or hostile feelings can also be psychologically safe assumption symbolize. For example, if you feel rejected by someone in your dream, you will be warmly welcomed by that person in the waking world. But since you secretly fear rejection, this feeling now appears in the dream. This unpleasant state is already being processed in a dreamy way.

If you meet an important person in a dream, such as your own partner or boss, with antipathy, this refers to one uncertainty of the dreamer in the personal or social area. The dreamer is not aware of his “importance”.

Dream symbol “dislike” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, the dream symbol “dislike” turns into the opposite and wants to make it clear to the dreamer that he has one in the waking world spiritual knowledge accepts.

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