Abort – dream interpretation

Many things in life can break or be broken off – a branch, a house or even a relationship. An abortion can trigger both negative and positive feelings. It always depends on your personal perspective.

These aspects must also be taken into account when interpreting dreams. What was canceled in your dream? Were you an observer or an active participant? Did you feel comfortable or was it uncomfortable for you? All of these questions help interpret your dream.

The tools that were used for a demolition in the dream can also provide clues to the dream’s message. Did you perhaps see a hammer and chisel? Or heavy equipment, such as a wrecking ball swinging, was observed.

Dream symbol “abort” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, an abortion in a dream usually means this End of the familiar. The familiar paths are abandoned and the dreamer gets ready for a new beginning.

If the dream symbol appears suddenly and powerfully, the demolition acts like a liberation that leaves restrictive rules behind. However, the joy of something new can also be accompanied by concern that the environment can destroy the dreamer’s plans or hopes with word and deed.

In general dream interpretation, the dream of demolishing or demolishing a house means liberation from an old burden. It’s time for a change in the waking world. The dreamer is ready to have one new way of life to hit. The dream symbol “demolition” also suggests that he will find a new job with better conditions in the waking world.

If a scaffolding is torn down in a dream or if the dreamer tears down a scaffolding himself, he will consciously have to break away from old habits. In general dream interpretation, breaking off a relationship in a dream can be understood as an indication that soon new friends being found.

Dream symbol “abort” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, an abortion during sleep is a symbol of the liberation from everything that restricts you – be it an inhibiting obligation, too much closeness or a hopeless relationship. To find out, it is important to look at the circumstances surrounding the dream.

A common dream is a house being demolished. In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the house represents one’s own Life building. If this construction is demolished while you are sleeping, the dream symbol shows one change in the life of the dreamer and overcoming previous problems.

If the dreamer goes to work himself, then he will consciously shape his future and can also eliminate a mental disorder. However, if he is more of an observer in his dream, then according to the dream interpretation this can be due to the fear of the dream indicate that his reputation could suffer. The dream symbol “demolition” in connection with a dilapidated house means that the dreamer overcomes a psychological illness on his own.

Do you repeatedly dream about the demolition of your childhood home or the rooms you lived in back then? So you feel – perhaps without realizing it – being monitored and manipulated in the waking world by your parents or family.

The dream symbol “breakup” shows your desire to end the restrictive contact and to cut yourself off from the child’s self or family. The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets a shared breakup with other people while sleeping as an attempt to have one in waking life hopeless relationship to end. The dreamer thereby creates new, better conditions.

Breaking down stones in a quarry while you sleep can indicate a psychological injury that you can finally free yourself from in the waking world.

Dream symbol “abort” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “abort” stands for Loss of security. The familiar is left behind and new things are started. The New beginning But that’s not a bad thing, as it usually brings with it an opportunity.

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