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Getting married means publicly confessing your love and your partner. Anyone who says “yes” in front of the invited group of guests in a celebratory ceremony after a marriage proposal and the engagement period makes it clear that they have consciously and – ideally – permanently decided on this one person.

As women have become more financially independent, marriages in Germany have continued to decline over the years. Nevertheless, for many couples the decision to get married is very important. In many cultures, marriage is accompanied by certain rituals and traditions. Getting married almost everywhere means entering into legal obligations.

If someone dreams of getting married, they may have already made such plans with their partner. Maybe he realizes that he wants a wedding after a boyfriend proposes or that he is afraid of it. Even if you’re single, getting married can be a bit of a pipe dream. The dream image can have different meanings in dream interpretation. What is important is how the dreamer sees himself and the person he is marrying in the dream, and above all what feelings he has when getting married in the dream.

Find out more about the most common dreams about the dream symbol “get married” below:

Dream symbol “get married” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The marriage proposal – the starting signal for your dream marital happiness

If a marriage proposal is made to the dreamer while he is sleeping, he may want a stable relationship and would like to show this happiness to everyone at the same time. If he himself is the one who proposes marriage to someone, this represents, on the one hand, his willingness to take responsibility and, on the other hand, that he cares about the other person.

Who was married in a dream?

“Marry Ex”: Interpretation of the dream image

Dreams about marrying your ex can be a bit strange, just like many other dreams about your ex-partner. Marrying your ex-boyfriend in a dream means that a decision from the past is still important at the moment. The same applies if the dream image “marrying your ex-husband” appears in your sleep. In addition, marrying your ex indicates old habits.

Marrying a stranger – what’s behind it?

Marrying another person can appear to us in different dream images. If we experience the wedding with a stranger in the dream image of “marrying strangers”, this symbolizes a request to us not to close ourselves off to new developments, but to be open to them.

Marrying your brother… a strange dream

Tying the knot with your own brother in a dream will certainly give rise to unpleasant feelings in the dreamer and may even give rise to thoughts of incest. However, there is no reason to worry, because the dream primarily symbolizes a phase of increased reflection on oneself and the examination of male character traits.

Dreaming of marrying your father

Marry my father? What kind of dream is that? – This question will probably be asked by someone who said yes to their father in a dream. Such a dream simply wants to make the sleeping person understand that there is a very close relationship with their own father. If you had a recent argument with him, it can now most likely be resolved.

Marry an old man. Dream wedding with grandpa?

In dream interpretation, old people are often a symbol of wisdom and life experience. If you marry an old man in your dreams, this is an indication, particularly from the perspective of spiritual dream interpretation, that there is a great power close to your own soul that has a cleansing effect.

Marrying a dead man: what a nightmare

Did you dream of marrying a dead person? If this is the case, there is a possibility that changes will occur in your life that may cause problems. However, it is not too late to recognize these early and thereby prevent them.

Marrying the wrong person in a dream. Oh no!

If someone married the wrong person in a dream, it may mean that he or she was wrong about something in the real world. Furthermore, getting married to the wrong person in a dream can also indicate insecurities.

Marrying a prince – a dream fairy tale?

Entering into marriage with a prince represents, especially in women’s dreams, the desire for a man who has the qualities of a prince – reason, strong will and the behavior of a gentleman. If a man dreams of marrying a prince, he may want to emphasize precisely these qualities in himself.

Wanting to get married and having to get married in the dream world

If the image “wanting to get married” appears in the dream world, this indicates a readiness for change, even if it involves new obligations. However, if a dream situation arises in which someone has to get married under duress, this can also express actual pressure in life that is weighing on you.

Get married again in a dream: off to the next wedding!

A dream in which we celebrate our wedding again can be a sign that we may have too high expectations of our partner. In dreams of singles, getting married again symbolizes, among other things, a phase in which many innovations can occur in both the private and professional areas.

Was something missing from the dream marriage?

Getting married without rings. It’s also possible without it in a dream

Getting married to someone without rings sounds almost unimaginable – they are an important element in the marriage. If the rings were missing in the dream, the sleeper probably has a great longing for loyalty and security in life. This can sometimes be achieved by taking obligations seriously from now on.

Dreamed of getting married without a man? Here is the dream interpretation!

If you dream of getting married without a man, you probably want male affection deep down. In addition, it is quite possible that marriage without a groom is an indication of the neglect of male character traits and personality parts. These should be brought more to the foreground again.

Getting married without a dress: why do I dream about it?

When interpreting a marriage dream in which the wedding dress or wedding dress is missing, it is important to take the exact circumstances of the dream and your own life situation into account. Often behind the dream there is a detachment from certain things. This can be social constraints, but also your partner or your parents.

Dream symbol “get married” – the general interpretation

Getting married is a dream symbol for the willingness to enter into a relationship and take on the associated obligations. This means that in dream interpretation one can reconciliation of opposites, such as a rapprochement between two conflicting parties. However, the dream of getting married can also simply reflect the desire to marry your loved one.

Changes of a general nature are also expressed in the dream symbol “get married”: a change in place of residence or job, for example.

The circumstances are significant for the dream interpretation of the dream symbol “get married”. A dream in which you get married often means that you know people around you who are planning to get married. If you are already married, the dream indicates one change perhaps in the relationship or in the lifestyle.

If the dreamer is wearing a wedding dress with a long train, the dream symbol “get married” shows the attempt to combine one’s own emotions and expectations in one Relationship analyze. The feeling of possibly being neglected in life and always just standing there is expressed in the dream symbol “get married” when another person appears in the dream in a wedding robe.

In dream interpretation, the person you want to marry in a dream says a lot about the expectations that the dreamer has of his life partner. Because it’s her qualities that he would like to see in this one.

The dream symbol “get married” is as warning to understand if the dream scene is particularly chaotic, the celebration is canceled or postponed. Maybe the relationship is not yet established and needs some time to forge a bond for life.

Dream symbol “get married” – the psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “get married” is a symbol of Beginning and End certain phases of life. The dreamer is at a crossroads. He leaves something behind and takes a new direction. The dream symbol manifests the awareness that a new path is now being taken and a new connection is being formed.

In dream interpretation, getting married is also a symbol of the union of opposites. May have to be conflicting Personality traits of the dreamer can be reconciled by getting married in the dream, for example the emotional side with the rational side.

Marrying someone other than your own partner in a dream is, in dream interpretation, a possible indication that the dreamer is looking for Variety and Tension is in life. The dream symbol represents the unconscious longing for more dynamism.

If you dream of marrying your real-life loved one, the need to deepen the bond comes to mind. The dreamer should ask himself why the relationship seems too relaxed and whether the partner is ready for a stronger bond.

If the clothes you wear when you get married in a dream are dirty, the dream symbol may represent in the dream interpretation Doubt in the real partnership, which inhibit the decision for a possible marriage. If the dreamer has positive feelings about getting married in the dream, this is a sign of trust in the existing love relationship. Accordingly, negative feelings in connection with the dream symbol “get married” indicate dissatisfaction and repressed fears.

If the wedding ceremony is associated with a sacrificial ritual, in dream interpretation this represents a request to the dreamer to give up part of his independence and independence.

Dream symbol “get married” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “get married” embodies the indispensable in dream interpretation merger the female and male parts of the personality. This is the prerequisite for the material and spiritual sides to form a spiritual whole.

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