Ticket – dream interpretation

A ticket is written confirmation that the fare for public transport has been paid. With this ticket you also get permission to get on and ride along. During the journey, a conductor may come and check the tickets of fellow passengers. This is intended to prevent fare evaders from being among the passengers.

A valid ticket is also important in the dream world if the dreamer wants to go on the journey there. If you don’t have such a ticket, your dream can quickly turn into a nightmare because you fear a penalty. Find out more about the “ticket” dream image in the following article:

Dream symbol “ticket” – the general interpretation

If you want to use the bus or train, you need a ticket. This ticket can be bought with money in the waking world and also in the dream world. The difference is that the money in the dream is a symbol of the performance and is the energy of the dreamer. Anyone who buys a ticket in a dream is able to use their energy in the waking world and achieve goals.

If the dreamer can even afford a ticket – as the ticket is called in Swiss German – for 1st class, then he will be full Energy and Urge for action. He will then make good progress in waking life and have difficulties solved without any problems.

If the dream tries to secretly sneak into 1st class even though he doesn’t have the right ticket, this indicates that differences and problems in the waking world. The dreamer pretends to be someone else, because he actually only has a 2nd class ticket and hopes that he can travel in the wrong class without being recognized.

This dream image shows that even in the waking world he does not live according to his level. In his dreams he is usually plagued by fear and worry about being discovered by the conductor and then being embarrassed in front of his fellow passengers when he has to go back to second class. Such a dream can even turn into a nightmare from which you wake up bathed in sweat.

Dream symbol “ticket” – the psychological interpretation

A ticket is usually used by the psychological interpretation of dreams as an indication for the Wanderlust and the Life energy seen by the dreamer. This also contains the power to actively shape and change your own life. With the ticket, the dreamer ventures onto previously unknown paths that may bring problems and obstacles. Thanks to his previous life experience, he will also be able to solve the difficulties there.

Buying such a card is an important action in many dreams. Sometimes the dreamer realizes that he doesn’t have enough money. Dream research interprets this as a sign that he also lives in the waking world Funds are missingto shape your life according to your own wishes. In this case, his plans will have to wait a while before they can be implemented.

If payment is not a problem for the dreamer, then his plans will succeed without any difficulties. If the dreamer tries to drive fare without a ticket, then in waking life he also tends to want to master life without spending a lot and at the expense of other people.

Dream symbol “ticket” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the ticket is used as a clue for the spiritual Travel interpreted by the dreamer.

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