Babysitter – dream interpretation

If parents of small children want to spend an evening together at the cinema, theater or restaurant, they often hire a babysitter for this period. This could be someone from the neighborhood or a relative. They are often schoolchildren or students who want to earn some extra money by babysitting.

Babysitting is not a job title. However, agencies today also provide pedagogically trained people who look after babies and small children on an hourly basis. Her area of ​​responsibility is roughly equivalent to that of a nanny. However, this person is usually permanently employed and looks after the children full-time in their parents’ home.

If someone dreams of a babysitter, they may be interested in such a job themselves. The dream may also be concerned with a real person who takes care of his own children every now and then. Or he remembers his childhood babysitter in his dream. The exact events in the dream are important for dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “babysitter” – the general interpretation

In traditional dream interpretation, the dream symbol “babysitter” indicates that the dreamer leads a quiet and worry-free life or wishes to lead one. The Frieden However, in the home environment it can also be deceptive. The dream image sometimes also warns against talk and gossip about private matters.

Above all, a babysitter in a dream is an indication that the sleeping person is preoccupied with their own childlike aspects. The dream symbol is moving basic needs and wishes are the focus, the fulfillment of which you have to take care of yourself. Following the general dream analysis, the dreamer has to deal with the question of to what extent he is ready for this.

In popular dream interpretation, small children and babies embody innocence and trust. Being a babysitter looking after one is generally a positive sign. A long-cherished wish will come true and hoped-for successes will appear in the near future. However, the dream symbol also warns you to focus on the true values to reflect in life. In the end, family happiness counts more than professional or business progress.

Dream symbol “babysitter” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “babysitter” touches on the level of psychological dream interpretation two aspects: on the one hand, the dream is an indication that the dreamer feels secure in his current life situation. He sees himself as a child who is in caring hands.

On the other hand, the dream image symbolizes giving up responsibility when the dreamer entrusts his own child to another person. However, his subconscious draws his attention to actual or perceived dangers through the dream. According to dream analysis, the sleeper fears that control about losing something that is very important to him. The dream symbol “babysitter” should therefore be understood as a request for more trust.

If it is the dreamer himself who cares for and looks after a child as a babysitter, the dream symbol is an expression of oneself New beginning to understand. According to psychological dream interpretation, it is a symbol of creativity and hope.

It is also crucial whether the baby represents the dreamer himself. In the dream he encounters traits of his personality that are not yet fully developed. His subconscious asks him to promote these aspects more.

Dream symbol “babysitter” – the spiritual interpretation

In terms of spiritual dream analysis, a babysitter refers to impartiality and mental openness. The dream symbol represents the Schutz which the dreamer enjoys when he unbiasedly accepts higher knowledge.

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