Autumn – dream interpretation

Autumn ends summer. Temperatures are falling, days are getting shorter and the landscape is gradually becoming bare. It is the season of farewell, but also the season of harvest. Ripe fruits and grains are stored and wine is pressed. With Thanksgiving celebrations we honor nature’s gifts as the foliage of the trees turns red-orange, the heather forms a purple carpet here and there, the autumn anemones turn pink and the asters bloom in all kinds of pink and purple. What a sight!

For some, the autumn months of September, October and November are a melancholic time with their sometimes cloudy days. The other is fascinated by the beautiful aspects when the lower sun casts a very special light on the brightly colored leaves of the trees and autumn storms stir up the leaves. Autumn not only heralds the end, but also a period of rest, which is followed by a new beginning.

Anyone who dreams of autumn may wonder what they have achieved so far and what fruits they can reap. The end of a good time may also make him sad. In dream interpretation, different aspects of this dream symbol are taken into account. The type of foliage seen in the dream is also important: Try to remember whether you saw oak leaves or red-colored maple leaves. These dream aspects are also helpful for a comprehensive interpretation!

Dream symbol “autumn” – the general interpretation

Autumn with its colorful leaves is the dream symbol of harvest and prosperity. The dreamer can reflect on what has been achieved so far Conclusion and enjoy the fruits of his achievements. In dream interpretation, autumn is an expression of success or the desire for it.

On the other hand, in the dream he also reminds you of your own transience and diminishing vitality. The dreamer has to deal with his own attitude towards old age and death. In addition, the dream symbol also represents a phase of peace and relaxation in which you can focus on new goals.

If you see an autumnal landscape in a dream, the dream symbol expresses the easing of the Love to another person. A melancholy and melancholic period is approaching.

A woman who dreams of autumn finally comes into possession of someone else’s property after various disputes. In dream interpretation, a woman’s dream in which she gets married in the fall is a sign that she will lead a happy life with her husband.

Dream symbol “autumn” – the psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “autumn” is a request to the dreamer about his Life cycles to think and ask himself which projects he cannot finish and should therefore leave alone.

In addition, autumn also symbolizes the achievement that someone has achieved: the subconscious signals that it is now time to enjoy the harvest in peace. At the same time, the dream symbol makes us aware that our existence is nevertheless finite.

If a man dreams of autumn, in the dream interpretation this is called Potency dream viewed with mostly negative meaning. The dwindling of strength in nature is synonymous with the decreasing libido of men or an expression of the fear of it.

But also the development and maturation of personality can be expressed in the dream symbol. Older people realize in their dreams that they are at the peak of their creative power. An increase is no longer possible, but the remaining time can still be enjoyed.

Younger dreamers often experience in dreams of autumn that they have one important period of life successfully completed. At the same time, in dream interpretation at this time of year you can see a dream symbol in which the end of a love is announced. As the temperatures cool down, so do feelings.

Dream symbol “autumn” – the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “autumn” stands for the twilight of one’s life, which, however, is not final, but rather part of one conversion. In the dream, autumn represents the gifts that await the dreamer when he has reached spiritual maturity.

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