Thread – dream interpretation

A thread is usually a thin rope that consists of several fibers that have been twisted or connected together. This twisting used to be done by hand and in a spinning wheel and wool threads on a spindle, today it is usually done automatically in large spinning machines. Many people buy a sewing box to store needles and threads together.

Threads can be made from different materials such as cotton, plastic fibers or wool and can also be processed in different ways. These include, for example, knitting, crocheting and weaving. The thread as part of the yarn is the basis for the production of many textiles. For example, threads are needed to make carpets and most fabrics, which are then used to make clothing.

By the way, animals can also produce threads, like the spider, which spins its web from a self-produced thread.

The thread is also an element of many German idioms. This is how we talk about you in everyday life “red thread”of that, “to lose the thread” or that something “hanging by a thread”. The same has certainly happened to one or the other “the thread of patience is broken”.

Since threads are contained in almost all textiles and in everyday life, for example when we see a loose button or a bad seam, even if we don’t sew, we come across a thread, it is no wonder that it also often appears in dreams. We will take a closer look at what the dream symbol “thread” means in the following text:

Dream symbol “thread” – the general interpretation

There are a variety of different dream interpretations for the thread as a dream symbol, the choice of which usually depends on the context in which the thread occurs in the dream. Below is a brief overview of common situations in which a thread appears in a dream.

For example, if you wind a thread onto a spool or roll, the dream image is often related to yours secrets together. You should – according to the request of your dream about a thread – ensure that your secrets really remain secret. Likewise, this dream, especially if a very long thread needs to be wound, could mean that you can only achieve your goals with a lot patience reachable. If you wind the thread into a ball in the dream, then one of your projects may fail.

If you unwind the thread from a spool or ball in your dream, the exact opposite dream interpretations arise. So this thread as a dream image usually means that you Success and some secrets may come to light.

If you only see a very long thread in a dream, then a current hope may turn out to be deceptive or many things in your life may take longer than expected. If the thread is pulled through the eye of a needle in a dream, then you could be awake Streit with other people.

Anyone who sees a thread pendulum in their dream feels insecure or indecisive about a certain matter in the waking world. You want to weigh up all possible consequences before making a decision. If the dreamer pulls the strings of a jumping jack while sleeping, he should realize that he is not behaving seriously enough in waking life. The moving puppet signals that the sleeper wants to control things in his life too much.

If you embroider a shroud with threads in a dream, this may indicate an illness that will also bring grief and worry.

The color of the thread can also play an important role in dream interpretation. While a black thread rather Trouble and Unpleasantries embodied, a white thread refers to new contacts and closer acquaintances. A red thread symbolizes frequently recurring aspects in the dreamer’s life, so he should now find out why there are constant repetitions and what he can do about it.

Dream symbol “thread” – the psychological interpretation

A thread as a dream symbol is often a symbol of a chain of thoughts or questions in the dreamer, which he should think through to the end in everyday life while awake and not break off somewhere in the middle.

Related to idioms, a thread in a dream can also red thread in the life of the dreamer, which may include his goals and plans, values, attitudes and ideals.

In addition, the dream could come to fruition exhaustion or states of weakness indicate to the dreamer what causes his patience to break or he loses it due to a lack of concentration. Here the dream is often intended to encourage him to relax and recover more so as not to get sick.

If you thread something in a dream, then the dream symbol could be with something sexual keep in touch. If the threading fails, you may have problems with your nerves that are difficult to control. Weak nerves can, for example, contribute to successes not being achieved or even, in the worst case, achievable successes turning into failures.

In dream interpretation, the expression hanging by a thread is primarily dedicated to interpersonal relationships that have to survive a test, so to speak.

The fact whether the thread in the dream is organized and possibly neatly rolled up or messily knotted can also affect the interpretation of the dream. If you dream of a tangled thread, you usually have to do so while you are awake Problem solve. A wound spool of thread, on the other hand, symbolizes an orderly life.

Dream symbol “thread” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation sees the thread as an image of the path to Enlightenment or the Holisticness.

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