Farewell – dream interpretation

Just as a person continually meets new people in his life, makes friends or acquires treasured objects, he also has to say goodbye on a regular basis – to a friend, a family member, a partner, a familiar home, a long-standing job. Politicians, kings and executives bow out and say goodbye to their duties. Particularly when there is no plan to see each other again, saying goodbye can be a painful and sad affair with a strong sense of loss.

Death is probably the saddest farewell of all: If your parents, grandma or grandpa die, the grief at first is often immeasurable. Even worse is the farewell at the grave when a very young person has suddenly left. With the obituary notice in a newspaper, you publicly announce the death, find loving words for the deceased and indicate that you have to say goodbye.

And yet it is inevitable to say goodbye because people, animals and objects always disappear or die from our lives. Dying is almost part of everyday life, especially in nursing homes and hospice facilities. Fortunately, not every farewell is permanent – a happy reunion often follows in the near or distant future. Such farewells are often experienced on train platforms or at airports.

Because farewells are more or less omnipresent in everyday life and everyone has certainly had to say goodbye at some point, it is a common dream symbol that offers many exciting and meaningful interpretation options.

Dream symbol “farewell” – the general interpretation

Basically, it is very important for the dream interpretation of farewell who says goodbye to whom in the dream. For example, if you experience in a dream the farewell to a person you know well in the dream and perhaps also in the waking state, this could happen in real life Bruch come between you and an acquaintance or friend.

However, if you say goodbye to an unknown person in a dream, according to the dream interpretation you are more likely to do so new friendships impending or one of your worries will disappear. Waving as part of a farewell in a dream usually promises a quick reunion in the waking world.

Especially if this farewell in the dream is particularly painful for you, this dream image is often an announcement of a positive event. If the farewell in the dream is accompanied by a planned reunion or if you wish each other “goodbye”, then this is also a positive symbol.

Dream symbol “farewell” – the psychological interpretation

A farewell can be a dream image for fundamental changes in the life of the dreamer or one New beginning because, for example, he separates himself from feelings, thoughts, attitudes, behavior, people or his job, which is usually caused by a development of personality. Perhaps the dream image also represents a request for him to consciously change something in his life. What that could be often emerges from the context in the dream.

The already mentioned aspect of who the dreamer says goodbye to plays a central role here. So saying goodbye to acquaintances means that the dreamer should rethink this relationship. However, if he says goodbye to his parents, the dream symbol could be a sign of something illness be with these as well as sorrows and tribulations.

If it is a young dreamer, then the dream image may simply indicate a growth independence to this person. Saying goodbye to your partner, groom or husband embodies loyalty on the one hand, but also distrust of your partner regarding his loyalty on the other.

Likewise, this dream of saying goodbye may also mean that one of the partners is more involved in everyday routine Variety wishes without necessarily cheating. In this case, the dreamer just wants to say goodbye to the routine that is represented by the partner and the shared habits.

If you dream of saying goodbye to friends, this dream symbol shows you Help and Friendship on. If you say goodbye to old people in your dream, then there might not be a chance to see you again. The dream image may also mean that you should get rid of a bad habit or that your lifestyle could change.

Sometimes someone says goodbye to a place or a house in their dream. Here the dream symbol usually wants to say that he is able and willing to come to terms with his past, which specifically refers to certain aspects or phases of life. If the dream is about a farewell party, it could be an upcoming one or one that has already taken place Diploma indicate in the life of the dreamer.

In general, what is important for dream interpretation is how the farewell in the dream felt to you. Were you sad? Or were you already looking forward to seeing you again later?

Dream symbol “farewell” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritual dream interpretation has taken up the aspect of change and new beginnings. This is how the dream image of farewell could be Changes in the spirituality of the dreamer.

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