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Everyone knows bananas, and most people like the fruit too. It is often eaten on its own or served as part of a meal. However, people who have an allergy to this fruit usually prefer not to enjoy it because it can cause itching in the mouth, among other things.

What many people don’t know is that, botanically speaking, the banana is a berry. Although the plants look like trees, they are actually perennials – but they reach an impressive height of up to 6 meters. By the way, the banana is crooked because so many fruits develop from a cluster of flowers that they lean towards the ground. But the individual banana always grows towards the sun, i.e. upwards again.

The fruit bananas we love are mainly imported from Central and South America. On average, every German consumes 10.5 kilograms of bananas in a year. Due to its high fructose content, the tropical fruit tastes very sweet. This and their soft consistency without annoying seeds and the peel that can be removed without any tools make them the second most popular fruit after the apple.

The banana is also healthy: it contains many vitamins and minerals, it has a healing effect on the gastrointestinal area and has a positive effect on the brain.

A banana in a dream is probably associated with a sensual experience. Taste, smell, feel, the senses are pleasantly stimulated. For the meaning of the dream symbol “banana” in dream interpretation, it is important what the dreamer does with the fruit. The nature of the fruit also plays a role.

There are dream situations that occur particularly frequently in connection with a banana. Read more about this in advance:

Dream symbol “banana” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Eating a banana in a dream

Anyone who eats a banana in their dreams or sees a person eating this fruit secretly harbors erotic desires that are unfulfilled. In the waking world, his thoughts often revolve around sexual fantasies and erotic desires, which express themselves in the form of the sweet banana fruit in dreams. This is about a substitute need satisfaction.

Biting off a banana as a dream situation shows that sensual pleasures can be perceived consciously. The dreamer is able to stop and enjoy the moment.

A rotten banana appears in your sleep

Have you experienced a rotten banana in your sleep that was black or covered in rot and mold? Then there can be problems in interpersonal relationships, for example in a relationship if there is one. But a close friend could also threaten to turn away from the dreamer. Likewise, a rotten banana can symbolically indicate a difficult phase in life or the failure of a plan.

Dream interpretation of banana and alcohol

An unusual but frequently occurring dream image is the banana in connection with alcohol. Maybe you’ve seen a cocktail with these ingredients? Alcohol symbolizes the easy way to deal with problems, the banana represents sexuality.

In combination with each other, a sexual problem is recognized but not resolved: the dreamer tries to ignore it. It would be advisable to deal with this consciously.

A banana smoothie in a dream

A smoothie involves pureeing different types of fruit or vegetables and drinking them. If you dream that the smoothie consists mainly or partly of banana, the other ingredients used are also crucial for an overall interpretation of the dream – the banana stands for the sexual aspect of a matter that mixes with other aspects. An example would be a work colleague with whom you have a professional connection but who you also find sexually interesting.

Dream symbol “banana” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the banana is not only a symbol of sexuality and sensuality. As the preferred food of monkeys and monkeys, it is also due to the tendency associated with this animal species lustful mischief. The dream symbol “banana” promises variety if you buy it in a dream. It is not important whether the purchase takes place at a stand at the market or in the supermarket.

If the dreamer sees the dream symbol “banana”, he will come closer to a person with whom he has a lot in common emotionally. Anyone who picks ripe bananas will reap the fruits of their labor in a dream. Rotten bananas indicate this as a dream symbol Fail of plans.

In a love affair or in your professional life, many wishes will come true if you see the bananas in front of you in a dream as food – for example as part of a dessert.

Basically, the dream symbol “banana” is a sign sexual maturity or fertility, and in dream interpretation it expresses the need for sexual love. This is especially true for women who dream of a banana. In dream interpretation, eating the fruit in particular expresses a strong erotic desire.

Some dreamers experience the fruit during a cooking process, for example when preserves are made from bananas or when a banana is peeled as part of a dish and cut with a kitchen knife. Jam or marmalade made from bananas, whether pure or mixed with other fruits, often signals upcoming good luck. Anyone who slices the dream banana will experience a separation – no matter what kind.

Dream symbol “banana” – the psychological interpretation

Like many other fruits, the dream symbol “banana” is a symbol for the unconscious erotic desires. Because of its shape, the banana symbolizes the penis, also known colloquially as the “cock”. It is therefore particularly important in women’s dreams Phallussymbol.

If a woman eats the banana in a dream, this dream symbol can indicate suppressed sexual needs. The dreamer should ask herself what sexual longings lie dormant in her subconscious and consider making her fantasies come true.

Men who dream of eating a banana may have unconscious ones fears before sexuality in general. The fear of loss of potency or castration can also be expressed in the dream symbol “banana” if a large part of the exotic fruit is bitten off in the dream. If a woman does this in a dream, she probably wants to dominate the man in question in reality.

If the dream event is associated with fear or disgust, this is understood in dream interpretation as a request to the dreamer to question his own sexual behavior or that of his partner.

Secret wishes and Tabooswhich one may have previously ignored for the sake of others, but not out of one’s own desire, should be consciously addressed.

Dream symbol “banana” – the spiritual interpretation

On a spiritual level, the dream symbol “banana” is a symbol of dream interpretation fertility. Peeling back the layers of the banana tree trunk expresses the search for eternal knowledge, the ever deeper penetration towards absolute truth.

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