Finger – dream interpretation

Fingers are one of the most important parts of our body. Many people, especially women, value regular manicures to keep their fingernails healthy and shiny. Even newborns quickly begin to use their fingers, for example when they want to grasp something or suck their thumb.

Everyone normally has five fingers on each hand. Some people even have six fingers on one hand from birth. But we often only realize how indispensable the thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger are in our everyday lives when they don’t work, for example because they are injured and broken and need to be immobilized in a cast. Getting a finger caught or crushed in a door or drawer, with the subsequent restriction of movement, makes us realize how important our fingers are.

Our fingers can touch, pinch, scratch, pinch, hold and feel. They are sometimes long, sometimes short, delicate, strong or thin. Musicians, for example, have different finger joints than construction workers or artists. As diverse as our fingers can look, the dream interpretation of this dream symbol is just as complex.

Dream symbol “finger” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Having 6 fingers, oh well! Why am I dreaming about this?

The dream symbol “6 fingers” can show the dreaming person that they will soon find a suitable solution to a currently difficult task in the waking world. This solution may be quite unusual, but will lead to the desired result.

Furthermore, the six fingers as a dream image can be an expression of the dreamer’s caution and sensitivity, especially in relation to problematic situations. In some cases, the sight of six fingers in a dream can also bring satisfaction as well as happy times in reality.

7 fingers in the dream interpretation

The dream of seven fingers is a dream symbol that can refer to the particularly strong judgment of the dreamer, who relies heavily on his instincts. This ability enables the person affected to better assess situations and circumstances in their life and possibly see them from a different perspective.

If the dreamer cuts one of his seven fingers in the dream, his striving for perfection is shown to him. If all seven fingers are severed from the hand, it can mean that certain hopes in waking life will not be fulfilled.

Dream symbol “finger” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream image “finger” can be used as a symbol for Acht­samkeit and sensitivity and different character traits are assigned to the individual fingers.

We connect with the thumb Willpower, assertiveness and intuition, the index finger symbolizes ambition, independence, authority and claim to recognition. The middle finger represents energy, responsibility, commitment and seclusion. Warmth, enjoyment and sensuality are attributes that are associated with the ring finger and the little finger indicates spirituality, clairvoyance and sexuality.

The sight of a big finger in a dream can be an indication of the unconscious longing and desire, especially in women’s dreams Love and Sexuali­tät be. On the other hand, seeing a dirty or deformed finger does not bode well. Here you have to be prepared for arguments and discord and you should be careful so that you don’t get involved in unpleasant matters.

Beautiful and well-groomed fingers and fingernails promise loyal friendships and can be seen as a sign that very sought after to be. If you wear many rings on your fingers in a dream, an engagement or even a wedding may be on the horizon.

In connection with the dream symbol “finger”, there are other dream situations in general dream interpretation that can be interpreted differently:

  • Seeing any ring on your finger: symbol of a relationship
  • Wearing a ring with a gemstone on your finger: courageous action; vanity
  • Put on an engagement ring: bonds are questioned
  • Wedding ring on the finger: desire for marriage or stronger family ties
  • to see a signet ring on the finger: the dreamer should beware of showing off
  • wearing a rosary on your finger: difficult times
  • dirty fingers: warning of deceitful people
  • sticky fingers: small successes
  • wipe your fingers on a napkin: moodiness causes problems
  • plucking hairs from your fingers with tweezers: little things in life should be taken into account
  • Protect your fingers from the cold with a muff: avoid a dangerous situation
  • cutting your finger: beware of backbiting and misfortunes
  • severed, amputated fingers: loss of assets and possessions
  • scratched, bloody fingers: hopelessness in finding one’s place in life; suffering and anger.

Dream symbol “finger” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream image “finger” symbolizes above all the level of feelings and sensations of the dreamer. The finger can also be interpreted as a sexual symbol. In dreams, as a phallus symbol, it can indicate sexual needs that should be perceived and lived out.

Human fingers have a highly sensitive sense of touch and may reflect the desire for more in dreams Freedom and independence. If we are shown a raised index finger in a dream, this can – depending on the context of the dream – be viewed as a clear warning symbol of mistakes.

Long fingers in the dream world encourage you to seize a favorable opportunity. However, here too Sensitivity necessary, because it is all too easy to make hasty decisions and make mistakes or, quite literally, make mistakes “burn your fingers”.

If you see oversized fingers and it is difficult to grasp something with them, this may indicate that a thing or a wish is unattainable, but it can also be a sign financial improvement put in promising.

A cut finger does not necessarily have to be interpreted negatively. Success can be announced here, even if you have to make a lot of sacrifices to achieve it.

In the psychological sense of dream interpretation, fingerprints are also a sign of individuality and can be interpreted in connection with the overall content of the dream event. Experiencing green fingers in a dream predicts a pleasant time in which things will happen creativity and Personal development goes.

Dream symbol “finger” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the finger symbolizes inner quietly and Sensibili­tät.

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