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The symbolism of colors has a long tradition in our culture. Many colors are firmly associated with certain characteristics, feelings and motifs. Most people know at least roughly the individual meanings of the primary colors.

But it’s not just in reality that we attribute symbolic meanings to the different colors. The different colors also have a special significance at the level of our dreams. So does the color light green. We immediately think of fresh, juicy grass, a tree frog or a ripe gooseberry. The 100 euro note is also partially light green.

If we see a light green object in a dream, if a certain area or even the entire dream world is colored light green, this can say a lot about us and our lives. But how exactly does the dream interpretation interpret this color? What exactly can the dream symbol “light green” mean?

Dream symbol “light green” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the symbol “light green” has always been a symbol of Hope. In this context, dreams about the color light green should generally be viewed positively. They indicate a life-affirming attitude on the part of the sleeper. He has both feet in life and is not easily disturbed.

In many cases, the general dream interpretation also sees the color light green as a symbol of what is to come Changes. It is possible that the dreamer is facing a completely new beginning in life. The dream symbol often refers to the professional environment. The person affected wants a change, especially in this area. Maybe he is still looking for a new job? Or has he already found new challenges that he is looking forward to?

In any case, dream analysis also understands dreams with the symbol “light green” positively in this context: the dreamer is fuller Energyinternally ready for what is to come in the near future.

However, changes that are announced by the dream image of bright green do not only have to be expected in professional life. There could also be private innovations soon. The dreamer may begin to develop feelings for another person. The emergence of feelings of affection could soon coincide with the beginning of one new partnership or at least go hand in hand with building a deep friendship.

Dream symbol “light green” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological approach to dream interpretation, the symbol “light green” is considered a sign of cure. This can sometimes mean physical healing from an illness or injury. More often, however, the dream image “light green” refers to healing in a mental, spiritual sense.

Psychological dream analysis assumes that the dreamer has his place in life finds, builds a strong connection to reality. While in the past he may have tended to withdraw into fantasy worlds, the sleeper is now finally in harmony with himself and his environment.

The color light green suggests that the dreamer has ultimately learned to stand by all parts of his personality, to accept them and to incorporate them into his everyday life.

Dream symbol “light green” – the spiritual interpretation

As a rule, spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “light green” as a symbol of growth, fertility and new life. Occasionally the color in the dream can also lack Maturity be expressed.

In these cases, the dreamer currently lacks experiences that would lead him to spiritual insights.

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